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Ridiculous healing for level 55 flashpoints

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04.30.2013 , 12:38 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by dscount View Post
Found that at first it was a pain for semi-geared team and healing. Usually lost the TANK at the end of each Bonus Boss Fight, but managed to finish. Being in 69's now I'm seeing less issues except when a tank just doesn't know how to tank. (IE: Use his/her GCD's and/or tools)

Stupid SHACKLE bug is extremely BW-FAIL and needs to be corrected, but most of the others are pretty bug free.

I do agree the dogs are a tad overboard on trash mobs.
There's usually an explosive fuel tank or a coolant box near the big dog packs. You're supposed to use them. I think there are like 2 large dog packs where you get no help at all, but if you can mez at least 2 of them they're manageable. Your healer can always do one, and hopefully someone else in the group can mez another.

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04.30.2013 , 12:56 PM | #22
To be fair, Bioware is talking out of both sides of their mouth a bit with the gear rating on these. They have always described the Basic gear vendor as "preparing you for group content at level 55," and by design obviously everything you do from 51-55 is intended to give you Basic comms. Basic gear is rating 156, so that all implies that you're "expected" to come into 55 HM FPs with that level of gear.

On the other hand, the weekly mission description says the recommended gear rating is only 146, which is Black Hole / Campaign. If everyone knows exactly what they're doing, then that rating is probably adequate, but that's never a sound assumption in PUGs. With 146 rated gear you have very little margin for error, and PUGs are nothing if not error prone.

In order for random uncoordinate groups to succeed more often than not, they need more safety margin, and that means a bit higher gear than the lowest "recommended." Fortunately it's pretty cheap and easy to gear up to Basic level with abundant 156 rated armorings, barrels, hilts, mods, and etc. available on the GTN.

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04.30.2013 , 01:04 PM | #23
Healing in full 66 itemised gear, with remaining old 50 augments. Absolutely not having problems with any of those FPs, even the Hammer boss is easy to heal. But... you have to know what you are doing. No more just clicking one skill and that did the job, when we were all totally overgeared for the old FPs.

And finally there is fun to do - there is cleansing, there is more accent put on the AoE, you need to watch the procs and such. It''s much more fun to play healing sorc.

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04.30.2013 , 01:05 PM | #24
CC and group coordination have become so much more important in level 55 FPs as it should be. Too many people just running ahead and dying for no reason or causing a wipe for no other reason than being impatient.

If you have a CC it should be used. Tank should pull first (Guardian/Jugg or VG/PT Tanks mainly) and then everyone who has OOC (out of combat) CC should use edit: before tank pulls. In combar after...

Now because of so many derp DPS doing their own thing, when I Tank I mark who I want DPS to focus on. I had to explain this to a DPS and why after 3 wipes in Cademimu before the Police/Droid boss. (DPS would aoe everyone I CC'd and wonder why we wiped). Now, I put flame on anyone I want people to burn down first.

If I'm healing Ill CC as soon as the Tank leaps/Stealths in. Even if they didn't ask me too. It makes my job easier. When I heal I try to let the tank call everything but sometimes Tanks don't know how to take the leadership role and I hate having to repair multiple times in a FP that doesn't net me the cost of my repair bills.
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04.30.2013 , 01:18 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by CrownofGold View Post
just having bad luck with the 55 FPs?
It's not the gear that matters. My first level 55 was Cad and we wiped only twice on the Bonus boss. I had 63s and the tank had 61s (the dps had 58s). This wasn't a problem because the pug discussed strategy before each boss. I'm primarily a healer (heck look at my sig) and can say that healing 55 FPs is really a matter of coordination. Case in point, 2nd boss of MR. The boss doesn't do that much dps but if the group doesn't move to avoid AoEs and focus on the kill order the fight becomes a hot mess. In many fights it's not healing that's tough: it's healing people who are standing in things they shouldn't or the tank not doing their job properly. I think you've being getting unprepared groups skillwise rather than gearwise.
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04.30.2013 , 01:23 PM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by MorgothPl View Post
you have to know what you are doing. No more just clicking one skill and that did the job, when we were all totally overgeared for the old FPs..
Once healed HM D7 with nothing but Diagnostic Scan, only time I ever was almost kicked from a random group. The tank was ticked that I wouldn't use any other heals. I know he wanted to kick me, but no one ever dropped below 80% and he was also a officer in my guild that I just got stuck randomly grouped with. Still pretty sure he would have kicked, but our guild is short of healers, so they put up with a lot from me. Knew it was possible before I did it, since we had gone through HM D7 on a guild run without a healer or tank, with 4 dps.

These remind me more of HM LI before all the nerfs, I can't see ever doing these without a proper group or on a single low output heal.

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04.30.2013 , 01:26 PM | #27
Tanks do take a crap load of damage. I agree with that. When I'm in a FP, it reminds me of pre-2.0 NiM EC Kephess, when the tank is in the middle with all the adds, taking a crapload of damage. Lol

That said, I still don't find these flashpoints difficult. Actually, I think the bosses are easier than the trash pulls with tons of dogs; the bosses do less damage, which is kind of lawls.

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04.30.2013 , 02:15 PM | #28
I think the changes to tank mitigation and the increased damage done by enemies in L55 Flashpoints are highlighting a lack of skill. Prior to 2.0 it was common to breeze through flashpoints without a care in the world and didn't require much talent.

A recent run of Mandalorian Raiders is an example. I was on a dps, and the whole FP was a struggle, but we finally made it to the last boss, only to wipe wipe wipe. The tank couldn't hold aggro, and the healer couldn't keep the tank alive. Enrage wasn't the problem so I switched to off-healer / occasional dps and the tank was still dying. After 15+ tries we called it quits.

BUT, the other dps and myself stayed in the instance, and re-queued for a another tank and healer. When the replacements showed up, we one-shot the boss with the entire group at 75%+ health the entire time.

The second tank was able to hold aggro, knew when to use mitigation cooldowns, and was able to manage the fight. The healer managed his resources and used HoTs and big heals appropriately.

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04.30.2013 , 02:33 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar View Post
The healer managed his resources and used HoTs and big heals appropriately.
manage resources? Was it a smuggler? If so there is no managment any longer. Did story mode TfB the other night, Sage healer DC right at the pull for Kephess. I single healed almost the entire fight and never used CoolHead once. (in 63 gear, except boots which was 69) Even when first doing these hard mode flashpoints the first time, I never had a energy problem, my problems were getting out heals fast enough to keep up with the damage the tank was taking. I had to be proactive and put out big heals even before the tank was taking damage. Now that I know when to expect damage, they are becoming easy, but still keeping me on my toes.

For a sawbones:
1. (Depending on spec) Stealth, coming out of steath now gives upperhand, provided you are spec for it.
2. Remember Pugnacity now grants upper hand, use it when your tank is taking more damage than you can keep up with. Save adreanal and realic for those times too.
3. Keep HoTs up on everyone, which keeps Upper hand up.
4. Remember your new ability. Roll, roll away from AoEs and danger. Wasn't really excited about the roll until the other night when I was "Marked for Death" and didn't need the sage to pull me away. Great to get away from those bosses that pull you in.

PS: I think I am a tank smuggler healer now. Did SM TfB and part of SM S&V Sunday night, went from 24 K HP to 30 K HP. Have more HP than one of the tanks in our group.

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04.30.2013 , 02:39 PM | #30
I ran 3 LVL 55 HM's yesterday, I tanked all three. This is a summary of the things I noticed that led to quite a bit of frustration. The first Atthis was flawless, no problems. This was a first run for all four of us, but everyone had good mechanics and good gear (156). The second one, we pug'ed for a DPS. We had one guy join and drop because we were "undergeared". Seriously! I guess he is one of those guys that got spoiled by running through the old FP's willy nilly. The second and third guys had a mix of greens and blue 46/48 mods. Furthermore, neither had ever run a flashpoint much less a LVL 55 HM. The second never got through the first boss because we couldn't get a decent DPS. The third run, Athiss again, was a pretty good run. The sawbones healer had a difficult time staying up, once he figured out that he needed hots on the tank just before the pull the healing became much easier. Cooldowns on the tank at very specific points, combined with de-aggro (DPS and heals) were essential.

In summary,
1. Don't come into a LVL 55 HM and expect to blow through it. The odds of getting a full group of pug's that know the fights AND have solid mechanics is pretty low.
2. Don't try to get "carried" through a LVL 55 HM by showing up in greens and sub 50 blues. I mean come on Rakata mods (58's) can be purchased from the makeb vendor and you can get full classic/campaign gear in less than a week by doing LVL50 flash points, LVL50 HM's and dailies. Questing makeb also gives you a chance of picking up very good blue implants and earpieces.
3. Conversely, if you are a DPS and show up and leave, before the first pull, because the rest of the group (tank, DPS, and healer) are in 156 or higher (healer was almost full 69's) because our "gear was too low"...well you might as well quit q'ing because it doesn't get much better than that right now. Yes, that would be you raven. The drops are elite gear and comms 156 (basic gear) is appropriate.
4. Run Easier FP's and HM's prior to showing up for a LVL 55 HM for the first time.