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Improvement of current itemization process

KelebrinPL's Avatar

04.30.2013 , 04:23 AM | #1
First off all I'd like to say that I support idea of itemization being harder and more time consuming than pre-2.0.

However there are some issues for non-hardcore raiding guilds.

By non-hardcore guilds I mainly mean those who raid 8-man raids, and aim to progress through whole content, but at slower pace than typical hardcore guilds. My guild is perfect example of that. We are bunch of players not focused on clearing content as soon as possible and we are largely limited by not having enough time to play, having loose approach in choosing players we take on raids, etc. We also try to raid same content twice a week, 2nd raids for alts and ppl that are more weekend players, etc.

Currently we had one TFB HM raid with success on 4 out of 5 bosses (adds on TFB 2nd phase are a pain). We getting there 2nd time today, and we have huge chances of clearing it.

As we don't have enough time during the week to raid SM raids and additionally we would like to focus on HM raids, we will have problems in getting Arkanian tokens. And because we are not able to aquire them doing HM only will slow down our itemization process (only Arkanian Tokens have set-bonuses armorings, low endurance enhancements with needed stats, hilts and barrels, etc.) Even with bit organized token distribution in guild, we will face a situation when people that do have Arkanian 4-set bonus need still to roll for arkanian tokens to get best itemized 69 enhancements and mods (especially as juggernaut and powetech tanks).

Some may say that you can clear all content in roughly itemized gear with 66 enhancements and without set-bonuses. However itemization and gearing overall is a significant part of PvE fun factor. Becoming more and more effective in damage dealing, healing and increasing survivability is something most of us gain "pleasure" from.

So as it stands by doing HM raids only thing we gain (except few Underworld tokens and badly itemized Verpine pieces) is some Mass Manipulators which we could use to craft 69 stuff. However there is not enough of them, more about that you can discuss in this thread.

Well my suggestion how to alter the gearing process for raiders like us, is to make HM raids drop Arkanian Tokens, in similar fashion it was with KP/EV HM. For one underworld token dropped, you also get arkanian token that would drop in other raid on SM difficulty. That would make itemization process bit quicker for 69 quality gear, while keeping BiS hard to acquire.

Other thing would be allowing to buy some Arkanian tokens for Ultimate Comms. I like above solution better than this one, but that might work too.

Sorry for any mistakes I might have made.