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Yozusk Platesmasher

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04.29.2013 , 01:34 AM | #1
Don't know where this thread should post but...
Yozusk Platesmasher, creature which required for achievement "Tyrant of Dromund Kaas", located at coordinates -210, 1770. Last time I saw him at 12/27/2011 when I reached 14 lvl at my SA. I track this creature already 3 days, in different time, but I still don't see him. Is he glitched or respawn timer is a 1 week?

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04.29.2013 , 01:42 AM | #2
I'm getting the feeling he has a very long respawn timer

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04.29.2013 , 01:47 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by OwenBrooks View Post
I'm getting the feeling he has a very long respawn timer
Hm... I looked same thread, but didn't found -.- So I guess it's more than 1 hour))

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04.29.2013 , 01:53 AM | #4
Few posts I have seen around suggest 2hr respawn

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04.29.2013 , 03:44 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by OwenBrooks View Post
Few posts I have seen around suggest 2hr respawn
2 hours spent, no spawn...

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05.04.2013 , 08:07 AM | #6
I don't think his respawn time has always been this long, though. I've never had a problem finding him before very recently, in one instance of DK if not another, and even had him standing next to his corpse once or twice. This appears to be a fairly recent bug, and annoying not just because of the Achievement, but also because he's the source of the Yozusk Codex Entry, and since that's not shared, all my characters end up wanting him, not just one for my Legacy.

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05.04.2013 , 08:28 AM | #7
I killed one yesterday on DK2 instance about 1 PM GMT+1
On the first day when the people had early access to the new game content the Dromund Kaas was so crowded and many people haunted those achievement it was very hard to find your Target Hostile.. i advise you to try late night hours or time when server has Low occupation

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05.28.2013 , 05:47 PM | #8
Hey all,

This beast is bugged as of 5/28/13. On instance 1 of Dromund Kass, I spent a few hours waiting and he never showed up (to be fair, I was AFK for a while, but as you will read, I am sure he did not show up.) When the population increased so there were two instances, I switched over to the second and there he was. I waited around and he spawned every 5 minutes on that instance. Seems a lot like the prisoner problem over in Section X. I assume he bugs out at some point and never returns.

Happy hunting,

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09.18.2013 , 05:23 AM | #9

This is still bugged, since I saw no dead body nor any respawn for the past few hours.

Might actually wanna try when it's crowded with instance 2 around, since it only spawns in 2nd instance.

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11.29.2013 , 10:33 AM | #10
Same.... I spent almost 3 hours last night trying to get that ONE LAST ACHIEVEMENT...

Swapped between three instances and still never showed up.

I logged in this morning (2 instances) and still nowhere to be seen.

I'm thinking he is bugged and only resets after Tuesday maintenance.
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