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Mandalorian Raiders HM unplayable, underground mobs

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Mandalorian Raiders HM unplayable, underground mobs

Kadjunga's Avatar

04.27.2013 , 05:19 PM | #1
In mandalorian raiders, the first two fights have multiple adds. Since rothc launched the mobs there keep on dropping underground if they change levels (up/down a flight of stairs for example) meaning that you are completely locked out from the first 2 fights. This however, makes those fights completely unplayable.

The only way to get them to come back "above ground" is to hope that the dogs either run through the trenches at the time when their only <10m underground or hope they hop on you in mid air. The second fight... only the mobs that jump a bit can come back up above ground.

So... Is there any way to get around this and do that hm because currently... I can contribute almost nothing to the first 2 fights. Its even worse if i am tanking it.

I have tried Ctrl+U twice to reload the UI, but it doesn't help. Neither does running out of 100m range so they 'respawn' when you come back. Sometimes i can even see their range being 1500m+...

Any help, advice at all is MUCH appreciated.