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custom armor?

Frandough's Avatar

04.26.2013 , 11:02 PM | #1
Hi all. I have been playing and enjoying this game now for about two months.

I would love to buy some of this snazzy custom armor for my toons, but. as.I understand it the custom armor is only a shell and has no properties.

So how do you work it? Do you need to have 'real' armor on under the custom armor? Does the custom armor come with mod slots all ready in place or do you have to fork over more credits to have mod slots installed with a kit?

Just wondering.

THorsblood's Avatar

04.27.2013 , 12:38 AM | #2
well for starters make sure the shell is the correct armor type or Adaptive (which auto corrects it to your highest armor type)

then you add Armor mods, Mod-mods, and enhancements
(on weapons it will be a barrel *or hilt*, mod-mod, enhancement, color crystal)

these all can be bought with Planetary comms via the vendors on fleet in the supply section, bought from the GTN, or even crafted!

once you get a shell you think your going to use for the rest of the game you can add a mk9 augment slot, however these can be pricey and you then would need to buy and actual augment which are also pricey, so only do this if you plain on doing operations! (or have the credits to do it any way!)

Note you can potentially augment ALL of your gear including implants, earpieces, relics and offhands! So even though its expensive it can net you a ton of stats.

Hope this wall o' text helps
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SebastiaanZ's Avatar

04.27.2013 , 01:02 AM | #3
One addition in order to avoid confusion, if you augment your orange shell, you cannot start out with MK-9. You need to work all the way up from MK-1 to MK-9, which costs a lot of credits and/or materials (if you have the appropriate crew skills for it).

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