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Account cancelled and why

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Account cancelled and why

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04.25.2013 , 12:25 PM | #1
This game is simply no longer any fun to pvp in.

"Main" Classes played. Marauder, Shadow, Scoundrel, Sniper

Changes that completely baffle me in 2.0 and fundamental problems with the game.

EA/Bioware being cheap on bandwidth in Warzones

Last time I checked this was a SUB game if you want to pvp. I can understand GW2 being cheap with their servers in WvW, because that game has no monthly fee. In this game though? There is simply no excuse. Sitting there and endlessly hitting healers/tanks, and finally getting an opening to get a node, or down a healer, only to have a horrendous lag spike happen is inexcusable.

Sick of the gear/money grind

In vanilla this game didn't have stupid crap like augments. For a fully augmented set on my server it would have cost over 7 million credits...This is an absolute joke when you consider that some people might want to pve and pvp. Add to that? Why bother pvping, with this idiotic bolster system on endgame gear. Personally the money issue was never a problem for me. I had many slicers. For others? This is a huge block for players, and this bolster system is so idiotic and bug ridden that I have just given up on this development team to ever release things that aren't broke.

As someone else posted? People like Apple products (personally I hate them), because they "work". This system is so stupidly complicated and unnecessary that I don't even know where to begin. Pre 55? Sure put a cap on gear. Hell make it simple. Give everyone the same stats. 55? What was wrong with recruit gear? How was that broken? Now we have pve crap better then pvp crap. Augment bugs. How does this even make it out of testing, when people TOLD you this was broken. You knew 2.0 better be good and just like Vanilla? You decided screw it. Let's release a broken game (memory leak was present from beta to right before 2.0, which to be honest is a joke).

EA's priorities and complete ineptitude

The first mistake was hiring PvP designers who designed pvp in other failed MMO's. This games budget was stupidly high. How about instead of hiring Hollywood actors to voice content, you ponied up some of that money and hired people who weren't complete failures at pvp design. BTW if you are going to hire Hollywood actors for voicing the game? Hire Bruce Campbell. Yeah that was a joke. Not as big a joke as the failures of this development team though.

It took until right before an expansion to fix a memory leak. It took months of pvp players telling you bubblestun was stupid, to fix that. You release a patch and don't even fix bolster. You sure as @$%@ put out another cartel pack though didn't you...

Class Balance and changes that make no sense

This games pvp was doomed from creation as far as ranked when you decided that you needed 2 support classes in symbiotic gameplay to be effective. It required too many support classes in ranked, which is WHY it has been a complete failure and why no one cares about it. PvP in games like WoW where 1 healer per 2 dps is required is scorned by the pvp community often. You did them one better and made it half? Add to that you can't even create a dual spec system or an equipment manager, when you require these stupid support classes? Am I playing MMO's in reverse now? I am sorry but respeccing and moving my buttons around/gear is a huge pain in the @$@. I have no doubt that you will work on this in the future and perhaps in 2024, this system will be in the game and bug free. Until then? I expect a cartel pack introduced once a month...

Crit change, buffing of support classes. Why? Who in their right mind told you that healing/tanking was weak before 2.0? Also who thought that more RNG and random procs on trinkets was a good idea? You require more coordinated burst on heals/tanks and then you make it even worse by making crap completely random? ***? Why is my rage marauder even BETTER then before. Why does my shadow have mitigation and burst and my scoundrel have no mitigation. Why is my shadow/sniper about the only classes that can deal with these stupid changes without an autocrit? Simply horrid balance all the way around.

In 2.0 you basically made SWTOR healers, into WoW healers, but seemed to forget that tanking/guard and aoe taunts were in this game. In WoW I can CC lock a healer, shut out their heal school and kill dps. In this game? When that happens you have aoe taunts (derp let's remove the need for targeting), that negate you bursting down someone. Add to that? AOE heals are running.

If I make a premade and stack heals I don't die...ever. What the hell fun is this? If I play ranked I am forced to endlessly hit classes where burst is non existent, and any dps you play better have mitigation or a healing debuff, or both. The pvp in this game is simply not fun, and it will never take off in competitive pvp. The one niche you had was that gearing was easy for the casual player, and this game was alt friendly. Now? Gearing is stupidly complicated, non pve pieces are better then pvp pieces, augments are simply too much money for my friends to bother (when they already think the pvp is average at best).

The only people who might actually like current pvp is large guilds that run premades in non ranked, and think never dying is really cool. Awesome...

Lastly? You never fix any of the real problems. Say commando/merc for instance. That class has real problems as does dps scoundrel/op. What do you do? Introduce a dumb "get screwed" ability on a long cooldown, that isn't fun for the merc/commando or the person playing against them. So we have counters to stealth classes (mainly) which screws over op/scoundrels more then anyone, yet we have no counter for healer immunity, where one healer can heal an immune healer?

Anyways this is my last post on this forum. You can check my stats in WZ's Bioware. I bought the DE version of the game and joined this forum from pretty much day 1. I played beta, was appalled the game was released with a memory leak, and nothing you have done since has shown me that things will ever be "good" in this game, or worth a sub fee.

My friends all left for WoW along time ago, and I am going back to join them. Not because it is perfect, but if I am going to pay 15 bucks a month for pvp? I am going to do it in a game that isn't often broken, is never/rarely fixed, and that actually has people working on the GAME and not freaking cartel packs. I might play this game until my sub runs out, but that is only because I am waiting for this patch to go live in WoW. Amazing what game companies can do when they aren't only concerned about cartel packs.
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04.25.2013 , 12:34 PM | #2
Bye! Say hi to the pandas from me! ^^

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04.25.2013 , 12:35 PM | #3
See ya! You're probably the same guy chases players on voidstar and leaves the door un-guarded . Same with the turrett. Man up Costanza u quitter!

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04.25.2013 , 12:40 PM | #4
Finally.. Your QQ posts were really starting to piss me off. cya

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04.25.2013 , 12:43 PM | #5
I don't know if I ever have agreed with your posts or their tone, but I can see plenty of reason to cancel. It's too bad really. Takes all kinds to keep an MMO going and I have a feeling, more will be leaving than people ever see posts from to ridicule. Won't know it until it's too late.

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04.25.2013 , 01:08 PM | #6
I myself am growing tired. Hell, I even started playing Rift today as F2P. I'll either be buying Rift subscription or waiting till ESO comes out. As of right now 55 PvP is just no fun. I can't pinpoint exactly what's wrong with it, all I know is.. is that I'm having a lot less fun than I did in 1.7

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04.25.2013 , 01:11 PM | #7
PVP seems bad atm, and I do put it down to the bolster bug. I am not enjoying it at all anymore and find myself more frustrated than having fun. I am still going to be playing SWTOR, but like the OP I have friends that play WOW and I can hear it calling me, but I am going to wait it out to see if BW pulls its big fat finger out of its big fat arse...

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04.25.2013 , 01:11 PM | #8
If you are on POTF send me your credits, thanks!
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04.25.2013 , 01:13 PM | #9
downloading wow as i write this. I've never played it before, but why not give it a go until bioware fixes swtor pvp...

anyone got a recommendation for an european pvp server?

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04.25.2013 , 01:15 PM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Jayshames View Post
... all I know is.. is that I'm having a lot less fun than I did in 1.7
Bingo. A LOT of us are not having fun anymore.