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AOD recruiting

ZeoDraco's Avatar

04.21.2013 , 07:02 AM | #51
We are one of the biggest PC gaming community's and would like helpful mature people that use vent to go ahead and make the step into out L33T family

Yogimus's Avatar

04.22.2013 , 12:42 PM | #52
I joined a few days ago - members have been nothing but helpful to me thus far in my journey through the galaxies. Looking forward to the rest of the journey to 55 and meeting lots of new people along the way!

AOD_RainbowDash's Avatar

04.22.2013 , 06:46 PM | #53
Join AOD today and let's have a party!

godshands's Avatar

05.01.2013 , 11:38 AM | #54
Angels of Death is still recruiting. Our website is We are an over 18 guild that uses Ventrilo to co-ordinate Raids and PVP.

If you are interested in joining please either visit or add me to friends in game abdeil or Azzryell.

AOD_RainbowDash's Avatar

05.09.2013 , 10:21 PM | #55
We run bi-weekly raids, and are always willing to help people out. Come check us out!

Whisper me in-game if you have any questions! I'm usually on my Operative, Döctor.

And check out our site here:

DarthObitious's Avatar

05.14.2013 , 02:59 PM | #56
Aod lives up to their reputation, i left a guild a played with for close 4-5 years in swg for them, and glad i did
"And what is it you think you have accomplished? If you seek to aid everyone that suffers in the galaxy, you will only weaken yourself … and weaken them."

Extrakrispy's Avatar

05.14.2013 , 04:18 PM | #57
Been with AOD since the expansion was released and I don't plan to turn back. They really are a great group. We raid twice or more a week. Strong PvP presence. Everyone I've met is very friendly and more than willing to lend a helping hand when needed. Definitely recommend checking them out!


55 Hybrid Jug - Nepe
55 Tank Assassin - Imperius-fury
55 DPS Sniper - Catelynne
51 DPS Powertech - Jager'meister

godshands's Avatar

05.14.2013 , 07:15 PM | #58
Thanks for the kind words guys. We have some world class members.

AOD_RainbowDash's Avatar

05.15.2013 , 02:00 AM | #59
We are a mature group of people, always willing to lend a hand. We pride ourselves on being an honor clan.

Kamro's Avatar

05.15.2013 , 11:52 AM | #60
Great group of guys, been a member since March 19th. I was a new player and all the members have been more than patient, answering any and all questions, and giving in-game assistance at the drop of a hat. If you want a high quality TOR experience, apply today!