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Cody Two recruitment

Theoddones's Avatar

04.22.2013 , 01:36 PM | #1
Cody two is a small scale guild with currently 3 active players, we have played on TOFN since launch on both sides, but atm we are playing on empire side.

All of us used to play Warhammer online, here is a video of us playing on karak azgal

We are looking for a 4th member because our tank no longer has the time to play anymore, basicly we are looking for a defensive tank to guardbot the team and be really annoying, a jugg or pt is preferred, but a good sin could always impress us.

What we can offer:
We want a solid 4man group which means you will always have a spot in the group, and with the same people and classes in the group we can work to improve the group's teamwork.
Even if it is a small guild, it has been very stable for some time now and we have no plans to change that.

We can offer a different playstyle, bored of suiciding to save the objective?
No worries, our group will kite(which we fail at all the time) or go somewhere else and kill farm, to us its more important to enjoy the wz's than to win at all costs. Although we do get comm ***** sometimes so it does happen that we play the objective game.

All of us have many alts with different crafting skills, so we try to help each other with crafting, for example I can craft all the different augments ingame.

We also have a fine mumble server which can have a grand total of 5 people on it, at the same time.

What we can not offer: (we can do FP's, but dont really want to)

Ranked wz's, not going to happen any time soon

We do not play 24/7, but try to play for a few hours every evening, so if you want somebody to play with everytime you login this isnt the guild for you.

What we expect of you:
To spec and gear in a way that works best with the group.

To coordinate with the guild when you can play so we can get the group going.

To use mumble and be able to communicate with the group when playing, if you are one of those mute people(yeah your mic has been “broken” for years...), you will have to be a fast typer and at least listen on mumble.

Must have a tolerable personality, its ok that you are depressed or spend a lot of time raging and screaming because of pixels, but keep it to yourself, I cba being on mumble having to listen to all that **** after a long day.

That you are able to play without having to go afk for 15min after every wz, it gets annoying.

If you are still interested feel free to contact Theo or Roofer ingame.