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Unable to purchase CARTEL COINS...

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Unable to purchase CARTEL COINS...
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04.20.2013 , 10:42 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by DawnAskham View Post
Having the same issue in trying to renew using a prepaid Visa.

Contacted bank issuer for prepaid, they show a $1 charge by SWTOR.COM, which was made one minute before the first error I received, but they show no other transactions or authorization attempts.

Contacted SWTOR, waited on hold for over an hour, they blamed the bank swearing it was declined. Asked for the decline code / reason code - they could not provide.

Contact bank again, they still show no transactions attempted on the card except for the first $1 validation transaction.

So how can they be smart enough to be able to put through a $1 confirmation transaction, get an approval, then totally screw up an actual purchase?

I mean being voted the worst company in America isn't enough?

Now they don't even want to take money from those of us still willing to give it to them?

Anyways, don't expect them to do anything to fix this as it is clearly a systemic issue with the EA billing system, though they will tell you over and over (assuming you can stand waiting for hours on hold) that it is on your end.

Just Google the error codes you get, and from STWOR and other EA game forums, you'll see this issue has been going on for a long long time.

Personally I believe they just don't care to bother trying to figure out how to make it work, and thus we'll be stuck with these stupid 'error code XX try again later' BS messages.

Oh and to really make it interesting.... after doing this run around with SWTOR CS and the bank CS, I went to the Origin (EA) store and using the same card, successfully purchased a 60 time card.
Something is off there, ive never been charges $1 pre purchase ever by swtor. I have had a problem twice with getting coins though, 1st time was my bank stopping the payment due to me multiple purchasing alot of times thus looked like fraud or error trigging, you know like refresh tag etc. the second time it was bioware who put a 24 hour lock on due to saftey stop incase your not noticing the payment has gone through and keep pressing but that only lasts 24 hours.
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04.27.2013 , 07:25 PM | #12
Guy, this isn't a problem with our banks, many of us are getting this problem. It's the stupid website, PERIOD.

This problem needs to be fixed imediately. It's a *********** hassle and it's preventing me from enjoying the game.

OrionBowman's Avatar

05.01.2013 , 08:59 PM | #13
This is an absolute disgrace of an issue, never have I seen a company refuse to take money from willing custormers. I spent ages on the phone yesterday waiting to talk to their customer service only to be told that id have to wait 30 days before my account would be able to buy cartel coins again, this is a disgrace plain and simple. They better fix it soon because this year there will be other games being released and im very willing to give them my hard earned if their willing to treat me right. I don't play WoW but I could never imagine Blizz refusing payments like this.


Choib's Avatar

05.01.2013 , 09:57 PM | #14
I too am stuck in this predicament

Its been two weeks of trying to rectify the situation and I get the two error "reports" (which tell the customer nothing about why there is an error). I get this with my Visa and paypal now. Ive submitted 4 tickets online but they refuse to acknowledge or intervene on my behalf with the customer service billing department of what may be wrong.

- Card details and bank says all ok
- no error message explaining the problem
- unable to resub or buy cartel coins
- No online ticketting support
- no Aus/pacific call centers , the costs involved of international calls is extremely prohibitive and not viable due to long wait times at full expense
- no "cap" display or warning, cap seems to also be tied into main account payments!!

It amazes me that a company that spent so much to create this game is unwilling to serve its customers in billing and using a deeply flawed system of online billing and customer support. As a customer I can only plead, nay, demand someone in accounts clear up my account (and others listed here) to openly accept purchases with 100% valid payment methods and even apologize and compensate us accordingly as all good companies do.

EvilEnforcer's Avatar

05.03.2013 , 01:13 PM | #15
Its an ongoing issue and a total waist of time dealing with customer service. It has been over a month for me and still can not purchase Cartel Coins. I even get an error when using my Paypal account now. Not a bank issue either.

Its pathetic out of all the posts I have read that not one CS rep has replied.

tanerb's Avatar

05.03.2013 , 01:24 PM | #16
I opened a topic in the general forum where there is more attention. Please respond to there so we keep it in the first page

wehbendeleon's Avatar

05.14.2013 , 04:06 PM | #17
This is really getting frustrating for me as well. I have the same issue and I've called customer service 3-4 times.There is a long wait on the line and the customer representative will just transfer you to a level 3 agent.Later they will mention that your account was locked out for 30 days and suggest that you must refrain from purchasing for at least 30 days. First of all, this all started because of an error of the website, I tried to purchase that 5500 cartel coins but it brought that error message. I tried again and that error message came out."This service is unavailable in this account. TRY AGAIN TOMORROW.OR CALL CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I tried again the next morning and that message came out again. It was like a loop hole and nobody has a solution.

I am very disappointed with this. Hey guys, come on, do something about it.

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05.18.2013 , 08:55 PM | #18
(Copy pasted from my own thread in Gen-Cartel Market)
Today , 07:53 PM | #1
I've just about had it with this stupid thing. I am trying, literally BENDING OVER BACKWARDS TRYING TO GIVE YOU MONEY! You just won't let me. And before one of the idiot CMs reads out their script, here are the steps I've taken.

Waited an hour.
Waited 24 hours.
Called support, told billing was closed.
Call back when they're open, wait over an hour on hold. Billing agent suggests waiting 24 hours.
Waited 48 more hours.
Called billing again, hour on hold. Told that it may take up to 30 days for my account to be "unlocked". Can't be unlocked manually. *********.
Called billing again, another hour on hold, asked to purchase cartel coins over the phone. Get told "we can't do that any more." Suggests trying to purchase from retailers.
Checked all the EB Games in my town. That's 15 within 30k of me. Not a single one had them, or even any idea what they were. And yes, I had them check the computer.
Called billing AGAIN! Two hours on hold this time. Oh, but a 400 cartel coin grant for my trouble. That's a middle finger is what that is. Also, agent was utterly useless. No help whatsoever. Suggests that might unlock after 30 days elapsed from my first successful purchase.
And today, 31 days, attempt to purchase, same gosh darn message.

"This service is currently unavailable for this account. If you wish to purchase more cartel coins please call our Customer Service team or you can try again tomorrow."
Die in a fire. Fix your stupid system. Oh but they've said "we're working on a new system and don't know when it will be implemented." Well you should have people working AROUND THE CLOCK because this is PREVENTING YOU from MAKING MONEY which is the ENTIRE gosh darn POINT OF THE STUPID STORE!

/rant. I don't want 400 cartel coins. I want 11000. Fix it.

Edit: Gosh darn? Lousy censor.

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05.18.2013 , 09:10 PM | #19
Just in case it is of interest to some, Cartel coins can be bought at gamestop

MorowFTW's Avatar

05.19.2013 , 02:38 AM | #20
I tried all 15 EB games (Canadian arm of Game Stop) in my area. Not one could find anything about it. So unless there's some secret to finding it that the clerks haven't been told...