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The Legend of Terrek Corso Ep III - Mandalorian Menace

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The Legend of Terrek Corso Ep III - Mandalorian Menace

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04.19.2013 , 06:16 AM | #1
Star Wars The Old Republic: The Tales of Twisted Fate

The Legend of Terrek Corso, Episode III – Mandalorian Menace
(BTC 7)

Chapter 1 - Blockade Run

A Republic transport whooshed by at full speed. The blaster cannons, a double barrelled gunners pod on the top of the craft, fired at the multitude of pursuing enemy starfighters. Ripples of exploding craft trailed the fleeing transport as it dodged through overwhelming odds.
“I can’t keep this up forever Master!” yelled Terrek as he continued to fire on the ever increasing number of hostile fighters.
“How much longer till we can hit lightspeed?” he asked, an irritable impatience in his voice.

“Hold on just a little longer Terrek” replied Master Vale, sat at the helm. A confident Miraluka, a Jedi Consular in the prime of her career. Her hair was long and dark, braided in an elaborate tail that fell gracefully on to the back of her beautiful green robes trimmed in gold, fit for a senator, and matching the fitted vale she wore over her eyes. Her expression was pale. She may have been an exceptional Jedi, but she was no ace pilot.
“Kyle forget the shields! Give the hyperdrive a kick.” She said half panicked as she plugged in the final course adjustments for the hyperspace jump. The ship shuddered as blaster fire rained in on them.

“We just lost the Hyperdrive.” said Kyle, a youngling dressed in standard Jedi robes and hair cut to tradition, who then rejoined Master Vale in the cockpit of the transport. Terrek’s voice once again came over the comlink
“They’ve got us in a tractor beam.” he said as the enormous carrier class starship closed in on them. As the transport was drawn into one of the numerous hanger bays by the force of the tractor beam Master Crystala Vale turned to the youngling studying under her recently knighted apprentice, “Kyle, listen carefully.”she said in a serious and concerned tone.

Hanger doors closed behind the republic transport. Teams of mercenary troops and droids scurried into formation, their weapons aimed at the descending ramp of the captured ship. The hanger was large with two exit bays. Hundreds of starfighters were docked in columns stretching to the very top of the hanger. Two inner doors lead to adjacent hangers with a third leading to the interior of the ship. The operation was, without a doubt, being funded and supported by the Sith Empire. The Mandalorian clans and mercenary contingents that comprised the blockade may have had considerable force, but the behemoth of a ship the Jedi had found themselves caught by was beyond the means of those groups. The troops stood anxiously waiting with their weapons frozen on the enemy ship. Time seemed to stop, till the central doorway mechanically opened and Captain Atria Callos stepped briskly toward the enemy ship. Mercenaries fell in behind her to cover as she stood in front of the silent ship and barked out orders.
“Well! Board the damn thing! Now go!” She yelled furiously at her incompetent crew.

She was used to more disciplined soldiers, not these penny grabbing mercenary fools she was leading. But she had to keep her cover. Only a handful of people knew she was an imperial operative. Her crew believed her to be a mercenary like themselves, who’d struck a sweet deal with the Sith in order to secure ‘Her Beast’, the affectionate nickname given to the gigantic carrier ship she captained. And considering the resent arrivals on her ship, it was all more important she hid her true loyalties. Before the first droids reach the transport two robed figures step out of it and make their way down the ramp.
“hands up”, “drop your weapons” two droids say as they approach the Jedi.
“Jedi…excellent, show them to the ‘guest room’.” she said chuckling before turning to leave the hanger.
“And search the ship!” she yelled back as the central door shut behind her.

Hours passed before Kyle could feel the presence of the search teams leave the vessel. When the coast was clear he lifted the panel sealing the secret compartment and climbed out. He was beginning to understand why Master Vale liked this hunk of junk that could barely fly. His mission was clear in his mind, deactivate the tractor beam and if possible escape. The words his master spoke before joining Crystala echoed in his mind.
“Stay hidden till you’re safe. Don’t take any risks” his master had told him. The exits from the hanger where being guarded and patrols would be making their way threw the various hangers. He’d have to find another route, Kyle thought as he made his way, quietly, to a ventilation shaft.

Chapter 2 – The Belly of The Beast

Terrek found himself bound to a ceiling overlooking a deep pit in the middle of a circular room. Walkways stretched around the room in tiers all the way up to where Terrek was bound. From there Mandalorians, and other mercenaries watched the show below. As his master, Crystala, sliced threw her latest victim, the crowd of Mandalorians cheered from above.

The Captain had decided the Jedi would make good sport, giving her crew a chance to remember true combat. From the cheers below she could tell she had been right, her crew had been itching for some man-to-man combat. Probably due to the time they’d spent waiting in their blockade. The mercenary scum took bets as the next combatant stepped forward on to a balcony. As the dozen before him he took hold of the metal link chain which then proceeded to descend, lowering the new challenger into the makeshift arena, where master Vale awaited him. Before the man had reached the floor the whole ship shuck causing the man to lose his grip and fall to his death. Some of the spectators laughed, but only for a moment, as the ships internal alarm started to resound throughout the carrier. In a mix of anxiety and panic the spectators scurried away to their battle stations.

Terrek switched his gaze to the prime balcony where Atria Callos had been sat. He watched as the captain hastily stood up and left the room, undoubtedly to make her way to the bridge. As the doors closed behind her his eyes where drawn to the two men who had been sitting next to her. Both wore black robes and hoods making it impossible to distinguish any features of the men. But from the cold chill their presence it was obvious that at, least one, was a Sith. Terrek could feel the hate and anger of the Sith pulsating through the force and knew that his chance had come. Closing his eyes he reached out to the force. He concentrated on the shackles which held him suspended over the giant room and forced a glitch in the power supply. Now free from his bindings Terrek fell head first toward the pit below. Gazing down again he watched as multiple mercenaries dropped to the arena floor and engaged his master.

Crystala felt relief. Before the alarm had sounded she had considered their chances of escape non-existent, but not anymore. Her green blades sliced their way threw the combatants, simultaneously blocking incoming vibroblades and deflecting blaster fire with her double-bladed lightsaber. As she plunged her blade back and into the chest of the last remaining Mandalorian mercenary she knew she was almost out of time. Crystala reached toward the pit as her apprentice continued to plunge toward it and with the force took hold of him. Terrek could suddenly feel himself slowing down. As he came to a still hover over the pit the two men dressed in black reached the arena floor and let go of the chains that had brought them there.

“Ready Terrek?” asked his master before using the force to send him flying into the two dark figures. As Terrek approached the Sith drew his saber, revealing the location of Terrek’s lightsaber as well. Terrek willed his own saber from the Sith’s belt and into his hands, his feet still hung in the air as the two blades met. Only a moment after the sabers had collided the Sith took hold of Terrek’s throat with the force and flung him back across the arena floor. Terrek stood up and watched as master Vale, engaged the Sith. Before he could join her however, blaster fire rained in on him. Catching the bolts with his saber he turned round to face the other dark robed figure. As the last volley of blaster fire was deflected the two men stared at each other for a moment before the dark figure removed his robe. With the black robe now strewn on the floor, Terrek could see his attacker and he couldn’t believe it. Before him stood an eerily familiar bounty hunter, he’d never forget that red helmet.
“Dayton? But that’s impossible!?” said Terrek, still staring in disbelief at his enemy. The bounty hunter said nothing; he simply lifted one blaster and recommenced firing.

Chapter 3 – Ghosts of the Past

Kyle hid behind a pile of crates, near the back wall of the hanger bay. Having completed his task on board the ship he had now made his way back to their captured transport without being spotted. However, with the alarm sounding and crew members running all about he was stuck. He’d have to be patient, wait for the right moment. He needed to clear out the hanger if he wanted to get out of it in one piece, he thought. At that moment one of the inner doors to the bay burst open, the fire of an explosion raging through it. A bounty hunter emerged from the smoking door relentlessly firing back through the recently made hole. Kyle could already feel who it was the bounty hunter was firing at, he knew the presence well. His instincts were soon confirmed, as the orange hew of his masters saber permeated the smoke filled doorway.

Terrek charged while batting away the incoming volleys of blaster fire, as he did he felt a sensation of déjà vu. Almost without thinking he spun round, mimicking his actions on the landing platform five years earlier. Just as before the bounty hunter fired at his fake opening and, just as before it was deflected directly back to the barrel. But this time as Terrek ended his spin, his blade following through on a direct path for his assailants head, it caught nothing but air. The bounty hunter had activated his jetpack, shooting him into the air and away from the threatening blade of his Jedi nemesis. Having gained distance he fired a couple of his wrist bound rockets at the Jedi, who flung them across the hanger bay with the power of the force. As the rockets exploded around the hanger, the remaining mercenaries fled the carnage of the bay. Kyle, still hiding in a pile of crates, took this as his chance and made a run for their transport. Once he had made it up the docking ramp he ran straight for the flight controls. He quickly began punching in the procedures for take off while watching his master’s struggle continue before him, past the view screen.

Elsewhere aboard the carrier vessel, the struggle between the masked Sith and Master Vale continued. They had fought their way through the catacombs of the ship and up towards the bridge.
“You should be dead.” Crystala said in disbelief, as she drove the masked Sith back, both ends of her saber scorched the walls as she refused to let up. Darth Krohn drew the Jedi back, remaining silent. He had managed to separate the master from her apprentice, now he was leading her to the bridge. There her obviously superior skill with a lightsaber would count for nothing, unlike the narrow passages that had led them to where they were. It angered him that he would never posses the skill he had once had, when his body had been whole. And the Jedi reminded him too much of the jedi who had taken his arms so many years ago. Just one more door, Krohn thought as he fended off the blows of his combatant. In desperation he smashed her back down the still smoking corridor and ran back, the door to the bridge closing behind him. Crystala slowly stood up and composed herself. She knew her moment of advantage was over. The duel had made clear however, that Darth Krohn was more machine than man. Despite the prosthetics, she was baffled at the thought that Krohn could have survived, the carnage of events etched in her memory from long ago. She reached out in the force to sense what lay in wait for her. Beyond the door a small team of Mandalorians huddled in groups preparing to fire when she walked through the door. Behind the ambush Darth Krohn waited. The captain, Atria, stood beside him concentrated on the battle raging outside the carrier.

Crystala had learned enough, she brought her hand up, using the force to lift open the door. The Mandalorian soldiers fired but to no effect, the Jedi was to far away to get a clear shot off. The Jedi sprinted forward, shocking the Mandalorians who had never seen anyone move so fast. Before they could tell, she was upon them. Those she didn’t cut down got caught in each others cross-fire or ran for their lives. Krohn stormed forward while Atria rained down on the Jedi with blaster fire. Crystala dodged the incoming shots; the captain’s rifle was far more accurate and powerful than those of her crew. Krohn stopped dead in his tracks. Seizing the moment, Crystala ripped the riffle from Atria’s hands with the force. Suddenly, violent streams of lightning cascaded into her. Darth Krohn mustered his power and once again shot a stream of lightning at the Jedi. Crystala managed to regain herself in time to block the second volley of lightning with her saber. Unlike the first attack, which was a quick shock, this attack was a prolonged dispersion of raging power.

Atria couldn’t get to her riffle, but she wasn’t going to miss her opportunity. She reached down and drew her pistol. In one shot she hit the Jedi’s lightsaber, disrupting the power play between the two force users. The remaining surge shocked Crystala, summoning the power of the force, she sent Krohn spinning away from them before the next flurry of shots came in. Atria had figured the Jedi helpless without her saber, she was wrong. With her bare palms Crystala caught the few shots that were on target. Through the power of the force Atria’s own shots came howling back at her. She only managed to blink before three bolts rammed into her chest. With the captain dead, Crystala reached out for her lightsaber. It sparked as she attempted to activate it.

Once again Darth Krohn sent arcs of lightning screeching toward the now unarmed Jedi. But this time Crystala focused herself on the force and caught the lightning as it came in. As the pressure in her hands swelled she released, blasting the collected force back across the room. The very structure of the bridge shook, panels shattered and objects smashed into the walls. Krohn could only watch as waves of energy whaled into him, preventing him from moving at all. The Jedi stood in the centre of the bridge, her green robes fluttered violently from the sheer power of the force surrounding her. Krohn knew what she would do and he was afraid, afraid because he was powerless to stop her.

Chapter 4 – A Vengeful Spirit

“Dayton listen to me.” Terrek said as the armoured gunman landed back on the deck.
“My name is Vorren!” the man replied as he removed his helmet in an obvious rage.
“I’m his son, and I will have vengeance… now die!” the gunamna yelled as he once again opened fire at Terrek. Terrek charged once more, this time no turn…no games. Vorren stepped back and switched on his flamethrower. The flames shot out at Terrek. As they approached Terrek took a knee and stretched out his right arm while focusing his power in the force. As the flames engulfed his hand he let out a quick scream before managing to take hold of the flames with the force, sending them hurtling back into Vorren. Vorren was badly burned, without his helmet his face had been wide open when the backlash of flames came sweeping over. He rolled on the floor in agony, simultaneously killing the remaining flames.

The transport behind Terrek paused, hovering in the docking bay, as the access ramp descended. But Terrek’s first thought was to go find his master, though he knew he had some explaining to do to Kyle. Kyle’s first master died over a year ago. Terrek had taken him as his apprentice after completing his trials, a sort of ultimatum posed by his master. Crystala Vale, had arranged for Terrek to take the trials at a mere sixteen with the condition that if he where to pass, he would take an apprentice of his own, immediately. When he passed, he chose Kyle Laurent. Not because he had too, and not because of some pity for having lost his master. It was because he owed his father at least that much, if it hadn’t been for Dayton, Terrek would still be a Sith. Using the force he leapt on to the ramp and joined his apprentice, knowing that now Vorren had appeared, he’d have to sit down with Kyle and explain it all to the boy, or risk losing him to the dark side.

As he left the hanger Kyle found himself surrounded by a massive fire fight. Fortunately he had always been a good pilot, the best his master knew, or so he was always told. This fight was not what he had expected though. When the battle alarm had begun to sound around the ship Kyle had assumed his masters had managed to send a distress signal. He had expected to find a republic battle fleet hammering into the blockade. Instead a swarm of smaller craft had penetrated the entire blockade. Explosions rained in form all around as they received a transmission. “Republic vessel, Identify…This is Hylo Visz.”

Kyle quickly responded, “Hello Hylo, this is Kyle Laurent” He almost giggled before reciting the designation code.
“If you would be so kind as to give us some cover we can call in the cavalry.” With that said Kyle shifted course away from the carrier. He heard an instantaneous response.
“Starwind, Beeno cover that ship!” Hylo’s voice commanded across the open channel. The three ships blasted their way through the blockade and away from the larger cruisers. Terrek, along with gunners on the other craft, fired at the pursuing craft. Amongst them is Vorren, in hot pursuit and determined to chase down his father’s killer. He had been too fixated on Terrek to notice Kyle; he didn’t know he was hunting his own little brother too. As the Jedi fended off the pursuing craft and waited to see if their signal would get through to the republic fleet a startled voice resounded across the open channel,
“What the…” it said. Another answered with “We didn’t hit it.”

Behind them the bridge of the carrier ship on which they had been held captive was ripped wide open. With no control the carrier banked, crashing into another cruiser of the blockade. Explosions rippled across both ships, even nearby fighters were enveloped in the flames. Terrek, though concentrated on the pursuing fighters, felt it as his master’s presence vanished from existence, and a single tear rolled down Terrek’s cheek. Vorren, still chasing the vessel noticed a break in the firing and took his opportunity. With a quick thrust he came up behind one of the escort vessels and unleashed hell. The Ship fell to pieces in the midst of rocket explosions and blaster fire. The remaining two craft listened as Morla Beeno, the captain of vessel, screamed before her comlink died.
“We’ll deal with this scum, Kaiya let him have it.” Captain Starwind of the other escort ship screamed, obviously frustrated.

As the remaining escort veered off, forcing Vorren to follow, a multitude of Republic Cruisers dropped out of hyperspace.
“Master reinforcements have arrived” Kyle said enthusiastically.” Terrek was still processing the name he had just heard. Immediately he had reached out in the force to see if it was her, and it was.
“Kaiya, what are you doing here?” Terrek said over the channel, utterly baffled.

Kaiya continued to fire at Beeno’s murderer. She had heard Terrek and she would answer his question later, now was not the time. She had last seen him when he rejoined the Jedi order on Coruscant, she then returned to her family on Alderaan. But it was too dangerous for her too stay there. Her father decided to have her shipped around the galaxy, to keep her safe from the empire. However, as she grew she became more intolerant to her guardians position of lying low, not drawing any attention. She could not bare it, especially considering that they always seemed to settle on some outer rim planet riddled with injustice. When she caught wind of Hylo’s plan to assault the Mandalorian blockade, she knew she had to be a part of it. She escaped her guardians with the help of their pilot. A man who had been with them since the beginning, Van Starwind, he was a rugged gunslinger. The kind of man Kaiya’s father wouldn’t usually trust, but his ship was fast. She knew the only reason Van had agreed to go is because he knew she’d have gone anyway.

Suddenly Kyle swooped across his escort’s flank. Terrek fired a volley at Vorren’s ship, knocking a stabilizer loose. Outnumbered, damaged and still injured, he activated his hyperdrive in retreat. He’d failed and he felt as though his whole world had been crushed. But he vowed that this would not be the end, his father would be avenged.
SWTOR: The Tales of Twisted Fate The Legend of Terrek Corso, The Adventures of Kyle Laurent, The Origins of Hate,The Rising of the Fox

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The Legend of Terrek continues with...

Ep IV -Temple Fall

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SWTOR: The Tales of Twisted Fate The Legend of Terrek Corso, The Adventures of Kyle Laurent, The Origins of Hate,The Rising of the Fox