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Makeb's Storyline

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04.14.2013 , 10:42 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Wicuna View Post
What I find kinda funny (funny strange, not funny haha) is the number of people who are complaining about the lack of story/choices/whatever on Makeb who have never set foot on the planet, and are just going off what so and so told them. Having played through the entire planet on my sorc, with my husband (a sith warrior), and with starting on my bounty hunter, the dialogue for each class is slightly different. Plus, how I play the roles are different.

For example, without going too much into detail, there's a part where my character comes back from a mission and both the sith inquisitor and the bounty hunter have the same thing to say, with the third option being something like, "RESPECT MAH AUTHORITY!" On my sorc, who's darkside, of course I went with that response, and there were allusions made to it in later choices. On my bounty hunter, who's light side, I didn't pick that answer, so the story was slightly different. In fact, I can't wait till Monday, where I find out how a lightside choice I'm going to make is going to affect the outcome of a certain storyline.

In short, yes, the planet mission is going to be similar for each class on the same side. Imperials are all there for one reason, Republic have their reason. But the planet missions don't play like the planet missions on every planet before Makeb, it's not the exact same quest with the exact same text for every class.

imo, everyone should play through Makeb at least once before passing judgement on it, I found the whole planet to be really interesting, and really felt like my character was instrumental in the choices for Makeb.
I beat Makeb with my Inquisitor last night, and given where Chapter 3 ends or where the Inquisitor ends up the Empire side of Makeb feels like a proper Chapter 4 for the Inquisitor. Alot of this is due to getting orders from Marr and taking control, but I gotta imagine those factors make it more personal to the Inquisitor than any of the other classes, cept maybe the Warrior who ends up in a similar place at the end of Chapter 3.