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[Bug - Investigation Missions] and Please stop re-using icons!!!!!!

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[Bug - Investigation Missions] and Please stop re-using icons!!!!!!

-Damask-'s Avatar

04.13.2013 , 12:34 PM | #1
This is rediculous! Why must you devs use the exact same icons for 4 different things?!? Now you have gone one further and used the same icon for both Investigation missions! Not only is it the same icon from many other skills' mission discovery missions but both 450 Inv missions share an icon so there is no way to tell them apart !!! You have to literally buy a bunch of them and start clicking to see if maybe one of them will be of the different mission name so you can run two at the same time.

This re-using icons has to stop! You use the same icon for things from the same category ffs! The [Gree Temporary Mind Link Device] and the [Artifact Gift Fragments] are both gifts and they have the exact same icon! Do you know how annoying that is??? There are hundreds of other examples I wont get into right now but you have stuck the final knife in our backs now that you have decided to change some of our ability icons!!!! Did you really have such a surplus of icons that you had to change some of the ones that were working fine? Why did you change the icon for smash, viscous throw, predation? The old ones work just fine!!! Why not use some of those new icons for stuff like the investigation missions???

You realize that the MK-8 augment components have the exact same icon as the MK-3's, they are both yellow! C'mon guys WTH? All that takes to fix is 5 sec in photoshop with the color slider. This is just the epitome of laziness and total disregard for our convenience.The only thing I can think of as to why this happens is that the guy who picks the icons for the new stuff has never seen the old stuff or never played the game in his life. Either that or you just secretly hate us and this is your way of getting back at us... This is unacceptable and if I was in charge of your art department I would be sending some people home without pay until they fix this nonsense.

Assuming you literally have run out of icons (which is impossible since you replaced the ability icons with new ones), I'm sure there are hundreds or players who would be happy to design some new icons for all the hundreds of things in game currently that use duplicates. I personally would be happy to do this for you. But whatever the solution (even is it's as simple as firing the guy who currently picks the icons, or just make him play the game) something must be done about the investigation missions so we can tell them apart. Thank You

-Damask-'s Avatar

04.13.2013 , 10:31 PM | #2
OMG so now people are taking advantage of this laziness by listing the 165 level missions at the same price as the 450 missions, since they also share an icon... They are hoping someone will buy them all in bulk and not notice they were scammed until it is too late.

Asavrede's Avatar

04.14.2013 , 10:32 AM | #3
Actually ALL (not just investigation) the 450 missions seem to share the same icon. This sucks - they could at least have added different color versions of it or something, so make it somewhat easy to find the right thing.