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LFM To Begin Hardmode OPs Raiding (Empire)

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LFM To Begin Hardmode OPs Raiding (Empire)

jceroach's Avatar

04.14.2013 , 10:20 AM | #1
A couple of friends looking for few more folks to form a organized (adult, business-casual, low-stress) SM and then eventually HM Operations Team (Empire side) that would raid up to two nights a week (nightly start times around 1900 server time and going for about 2 hours... days not set yet) of the new content. We are currently leveling to 55 (and taking a look around while we are doing it), so if you are in that position also that fine. We were originally from Darth Sion and were raiding KP and EV, before lack of players took its toll on the guild we were in (remember when Ilum had 4 people on it, the Fleet had 80, and Quesh had 1... you). We have been back playing about four weeks... and would like to enjoy the challenge of Hardmode raiding once again without the grind of looking for a PUG group week in and week out.
We are looking for... 1 Tank , 1 Healer, and 3 DPS at the moment. No raiding experience required (we go by if you can figure out HM Flashpoints... you can figure out raiding, and will be given the time to find your groove).
We pulled together under the guild name <DESPERATION> (to take advantage of the 5% xp increase) and folks interested in raiding are welcome to join, but that's not a requirement. We understand about guild ties, tenure, separation anxiety... and potential complications that go with that. We are just looking to have a organized (low-stress) weekly OPs Team to progress thru the content.
So if you are in a situation that you can't crack your current guilds lineup, or you got no lineup to crack... and you are interested in raiding on a consistent basis... we might be what you are looking for. If interested or want to ask questions, feel free to contact Legionaires, Cybertango, Janusx, or Nexxus'six in game, this post, or via game mail (we have normal jobs and lives... so we don't keep a 24/7 SWTOR login vigil).

Thanks for your time in advance...