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Looking for my first Guild

Jared_Reidel's Avatar

04.09.2013 , 02:18 PM | #1
OK so this is going to sound as noobish as hell but hey-ho.

I am pretty new to the MMO scene. I've been playing Eve for several years but somehow that's just... different to the other main MMOs around. Recently though I've started casually playing GW2, SWTOR and TSW and am really enjoying the progression and game play available in these games.

FWIW therefore I am looking for a casual guild who can get me started with the whole MMO aspect as I've almost exclusively played these games solo.

I don't mind PVP but have never done it in a traditional MMO, I would like to follow the SWTOR storyline but would love to be on comms and learn from people on how to improve my skills, I'm not a stat-monster but am prepared to search around for others' views on builds / rotations etc to try to improve my effectiveness.

I'm UK based and mainly online from 7-9 or so. The "Ideal Guild Quiz" keeps spitting out "The Immortals" as a preferred guild but the link to those guys seems dead and when I find a similar site via Google it seems they may have left SWTOR?

So the question is - is anyone prepared to invest in / guide / recommend a place for me within SWTOR or am I destined to have my little L20 Trooper running around solo until I get pulled back into Eve's deadly embraces?!

Cheers in advance for any guidance you can offer


MasterApollo's Avatar

04.11.2013 , 03:30 PM | #2
Hi there

I'll try and not duplicate too much stuff that's in our recruitment thread but we're very much a casual social guild. We've very specifically kept the same core group since early beta so everyone gets along well. Although we do things like flashpoints, ops and warzones, we don't overly stress about it. Our main goal for all the content is to just have fun playing it as a guild.

Interestingly enough, reading your bit about EVE, we actually have got some members going the other way and trying EVE for the first time, so it'd be cool for you to share notes with them!

Either way, if you'd want to know more about us or even just come on down for a chat, hit us up on our site: or if you want feel free to grab me in-game (my main is called Athelita)