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DF Spec: I am a DPS Butterfly...

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DF Spec: I am a DPS Butterfly...

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04.04.2013 , 08:32 AM | #1
I've been PvPing with the DF spec pretty heavily recently; my scoreboard damage has doubled as my kills (usually about 38 to 44) have stayed about the same...with only a couple of deaths. However, I rarely see anyone drop. I typically go into an enemy at range (target A), and by the time I get them to about 30% or less, I have to change targets to the two guys (Targets B and C) who have begun beating on me, leaving the original target (A) to get picked up by another player (it's that or I die).

I then stun one of the two new enemies (B), then light up the other one (C). I get the enemy (C) to about 30%, then have to dot up target B. Keep in mind that during this time I am looking out for low health enemies to execute (I can never remember the name of the execute but it's purple and my fingers know it as Shift+4). Then...this whole rotation of new enemies starts up again. Meanwhile I am running and jumping, LOS-ing targets, all sorts of crap, but I never see anyone drop.

I feel like a DPS butterfly. I get enemies almost to zero but then I have to switch up targets, mez some other guy, run for my life, LOS, heal up...all that. But there doesn't seem to any burst damage while some idiot grabs at the sky/grabs his chest and hits the dirt.

Is this experience typical? I ask, because after coming from a marksman spec, I used to see people hit the ground like it was their job...even though my damage was less. I felt more effective then, even though the scoreboard is now telling me that I wasn't.

I've also been thinking about trying out this Sabateur/DF spec (0/13/28) . I'd love to hear some thoughts.
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04.08.2013 , 01:31 PM | #2
Your story is the typical DF experience. While they can see higher damage than the other specs, most of their damage is fluff. Their main purpose is to smash tanks or put pressure on healers by multi-dotting the enemy team. There are DF and Lethality players who can get over 1mil in Warzones but have hardly any kills because all they do is spread Vital Shot and Shrap Bomb around. Keep in mind each spec has its strong points, DF's is slow pressure while your other teammates execute due to healers being in a flurry to handle all the incoming damage.

I've met a few players who enjoyed DF in PvP but it's a very different playstyle from the other two specs. I don't like it for that fact it takes three GCD to get my DPS rolling on one target (Shrap > Vital > Hemo). My other gripe is that it kills energy and offers little in the way of immediate regen, which is very important for PvP.

Hybrid plays similarly to DF with a bit more single-target power. You replace Hemo with Shock Charge for a single-target rotation, or keep Shock Charge on hand for an extra slow. In terms of tank busting it's superior to DF, but hybrid consumes even more energy than DF meaning you my find yourself dodging for cover to regen a lot more often.

One note about your spec, you should try to 3/3 Independent Anarchy for now as it increases Shrap Bomb's damage. However, keep in mind that this is going to change in 2.0 (tomorrow).