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only a single insyance of this application can run

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only a single insyance of this application can run

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04.05.2013 , 05:37 AM | #1
Ok I stopped playing about 7 months ago and just came back, now i know why i stopped playing before this game is messed up and the makers of it dont give 2 SH*&^ about fixing it. I have been getting the error only a single instane of this application can run error for the last week i did get to play the game for 2 days before it started and forked out the $14.99 for it. Weeeee what fun i am done i thought by now after 6 or 7 months they would get there SH^% togather but looks like they dont know what the hell there doing i just delete my credit card info os i dont get charged for a game i am deleting.

1. not paying for a game i cant get into for a week.
2.not going to wait over 1h 45m for support

ty for taking my money if i could get thur to them i would as for my money back. and to all the rest of you that cant get on please post and let them know and stop paying for a game you cant play the fix is never coming.