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Spawn Killing

Takinom's Avatar

04.01.2013 , 08:49 AM | #1
So I was playing my level 47 Sith Warrior, trying to get to 50. I'm on planet Voss. I was doing a guest where i have to summon and then kill a buch of Gormak. Im taking them out pretty easily, until a level 50 Jedi Guardian starts helping me. Now, I'm not complaining about this, but then I'm not entirely sure what happened. Either i accidentally attacked him, or he attacked me, either accidentally or deliberately. I just knew that i was losing heath VERY quickly, and that this guy was swinging his lightsaber at me. So, in self defense, I fought back. He very easily killed me (I'm three levels lower) and then he just stood over my dead body. He then went away. I respawned at the medcenter. Then, out of nowhere, a group of 4 level 50s started attacking me. I guess I must have accidentally toggled my PvP flag because I was dead in 10 seconds. The group walked away, and so i hit respawn. Then again, the same group came and killed me again! Another 3 or 4 times this happened, me not even having a chance. I eventually gave up and quit, but does this fall under the category of In-game Harassment? I mean, I can't get anywhere with a group of 50s killing me every time i respawn. I know that they are offline by now, but still, I want to know if this is against the rules so I can report anyone else who does it. My SW's name is Lord Nettel. Thanks for the help!

jedicutter's Avatar

04.01.2013 , 09:01 AM | #2
when u join any server, there are some rules for one under server selection window. it says, when u play on PvP server, all player- versus-player activity, such as (including, but not limited) gank, kos, spawn kill, is allowed and may not be the cause for CS to deal with it.

JMacneish's Avatar

04.01.2013 , 09:10 AM | #3
if you were on a pve sever then (assumeing you are by the way your post is wriiten) then getting flagged is just bad luck some people just love to gank squad the enemy and while the 1st couple of respawns carnt be called harrasment the hounding of you stright off the med centre can be HOWEVER this is easilly avoided by staying dead for about 5 mins till the flag auto toggles off...go make a cup of tea take a bio break or something

oh and pay more attention in the future