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Android Security App not Working (Again)

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Android Security App not Working (Again)

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04.01.2013 , 08:58 AM | #1
I pulled my Android Security Key app off a few months back because of an issue with blah blah blah, after an hour and a half on hold the Tech Support guy I finally got to speak to said it was a known issue, they were working to fix it, just pull it off for now. So I did.

Fast forward to last night, after weeks of asking people I know about their keys (some physical, others with the App on either their Android or iCrap phones), everyone says they have had no issues and I want the extra coins so I re-added it, but was tired so I just went to bed. This morning I TRY log and, what a surprise, I can't...

I DO NOT recommend adding a Security Key to your account... this is bull s... Trying to call in to the Tech Support number now, but THAT's not working... Hooray!

EDIT: Just checked online, the Tech Support Phone number is no longer 1-855-467-9867 (USA)
New USA Number is 1-855-345-2186 ( )