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Looking for Guild (long)

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03.14.2013 , 10:49 PM | #1

I meant to do this a while back but have been leveling my other characters and wanted to wait before I could commit a little more time. I ended up joining a group because of an event they had to help out the server but for various reasons, it just wasn't a fit for me. I wanted to try and list everything out so there isn't any more problems like that again. This way people who are different types don't get misled and people who cater to the things I am looking for will know up front.

So basically my main thing here are stories. I have been playing for the different stories and I have 2 characters that are my "everything" characters. They get the lores, the datacrons, the achivements, etc. Not crazy about getting every single one(saw how bad Badge Hunters got in City of Heroes) but like to fill out what I can.

Since story is the main thing for me, raiding and the gear treadmill are of minimal importance. I could take or leave gear. I really don't care about it and seeing the negatives of elitism and people picking pixels and data over people are negatives about it that turn me off further. My main concern is just seeing the stories and staying up to date with those. If there is a hard mode or something I can help on, I would be more than happy to if it helps the group, but it won't kill me to miss it.

So let me list some of the things I am looking for. This isn't against anyone, these are just my preferences and what makes me most comfortable in a group setting.

1. No applications: Unless you guys want to pay me to play, I don't want to fill out an application. I am not applying for a job. If you really need to know something feel free to ask me, I haven't rubbed anyone wrong in the game that I know of and have nothing to hide. Also this thread should probably explain a majority of my motivations for playing the game. I don't want to register at 20 sites to find out what is going on. I would like to be in a group where the majority of things are handled in chat.

2. Deaf/HoH guild preferred or acceptance: This one was a sensitive spot. Before I joined the group in question, I asked again and again if mics were an issue. I was told that the chat was active and it wasn't needed. Turned out first second in I was hounded about mumble and the meetings were on mumble and the raiding was on mumble and everything was on mumble. I tried to be a team player and downloaded it and set up a device to hear people which is physically painful to use. I was in pain and 80% of the time it wasn't necessary. I would really like a chat-centric group. Asking questions and having noone reply because everyone is in a mic room ignoring the rest of the group just isn't a place for me. I didn't really want anyone to know and try to just play but I think it's fair to let people know going forward about this.

3. Being cool with story mode. Having a group that doesn't feel like the easiest mode is beneath them or not having to see SPACEBAR every 10 secs in chat. If you are cool with me reading the story and taking my time for the first time I do it, it would be much appreciated.

PvE: Not a pvp player. I went in early as means to an end for armor and what not but not for me. I will help out in pvp zones to complete objectives like with the Gree event or helping get the pet but I'm a man of peace

Patience: I'm sure I will screw up on something at some point. I get really nervous about not messing up but there will come a time when I do. I hope it's not the end of the world and it will be something I won't try to repeat.

Trust: If I ask about the bank rules and you change the subject or ignore, don't expect me to be around long. Literally I was in front of the group bank for an hour asking about putting items in to help. Noone said anything. I don't need to feel like a scumbag because you don't trust anyone or some tool robbed you blind. I'm not a seller so I would rather give things that help people than have stuff sitting in my bank. If you have some special arrangements because of security reasons, please let me know.

Communication: Adding to above, if I ask something as a new player and noone answers, I feel like I am being bothersome or annoying. If 20 people are there and noone can answer, then my likelihood or asking more questions will be greatly reduced. I will probably be asking a lot of questions when I join. I want to know what your guys policy is on certain things, I want to know what I should do in certain situations or just anything really. I'm not someone who is just around for a free gear ride so I hope to improve the group in at least some small way.

Dual Factions: I play both sides and hope I can find a group that has guilds for each faction. I know most groups play one and the other ones is a dead/alt group but I hope to join a group that at least has one dedicated day on the other side so it doesn't feel like just a name under your character.

Time: I am really flexible on time, just give me a heads up on when you need me, and I will do my best to be there. RL happens so I might not be able to make it but it should be very rare when that occurs.

Social: I don't need to be smothered, but having some interaction wouldn't be bad. At the least just getting the answers to questions would be nice. Like I said I would really like a group where mics are secondary and best case scenario is they are not used at all.

Raids: SM for sure, anything else up to the group. I'll do my best to learn the fights with what I have. I'm going on cold to avoid spoilers but after that I will read up and try to do my best to be efficient.

World Bosses: Love doing these, I have been booted out of a few NM groups because of my gear so I really haven't tried but I would do that or any other WB group you guys got going. If you have a WB day set up, even better.

Crafting: Haven't got too crazy into it but I do have each one on my alts so could make stuff if needed. Haven't went crazy with the mods and all that so pretty much basic 50 stuff.

Flashpoints: I have Kaon and Lost Island as my last 2 that I have not done pub side and about 4 on imp side. Gonna try to get them done but can always help on the others as well. Whatever helps the group.

Giving vs Selling: It's a sore spot for me to see people give something to a member and then that same member is selling stuff. I am a giver, I like to give things to people who need them. I would like to be with other givers as well.

Age: Not a big deal for me. I have seen mature 16 year olds and 35 year old babies. It doesn't make or break anything for me.

Characters: Have one Jedi Sent and one Sit Mar. Those are the only characters I will play outside of class stuff. Hope this helps for people who take count or factor that in.

The Best: Not worried about being the best. Not interested in world firsts, server firsts, or throwing stuff in other people's faces. I will do my best to help the group get it's goals met but not looking at hardcore progression stuff.

I respect everyone's group setup, like I was saying just trying to put out the best scenario for me so there isn't any misunderstandings. I'll try to compromise on my end to bridge any gaps, but this is my ideal situation and I would like my next group to be the last one I ever have to join in SWTOR. Guild Hopping is not something I would ever do
so I would like to get this right.

I hope that about covers it. If you have other questions post them here or send me a private message. I'll try to be
on top of checking this thread.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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03.15.2013 , 12:01 AM | #2
Hey man, just to clarify your toons are a Mara and a Sent correct? My reading comp is down right now due to it be 1am and I'm on my phone at work still. Any ways, APEX fits all of your requirements and, in my bias opinion, exceeds them as well.

Only application you have to fill out is on the website for access to our forums but, we can work around it for you if you're against it.

Our chat is very active. We're a larger guild; 25-30 people on and chat is always going. We have a mumble server; but its not required to talk to our guildies. Mumble is semi recommended for raids just due to some of the mechanics; but as long as you know the fight before hand...shouldn't be an issue.

Our 8pm PST raid group needs another solid dps (they're a crazy social raid and mostly do SM runs with a few HM TfBs thrown in for progression sake)

Our guild bank rules are a free for all system. Have vaults for random ****, crafting, and gear. Take/give what you need to. High end mats and the like are in the officer tab; but an officer is almost always on to get you something if you need it.

We have a sister guild pub side called <Left Behind> if you're interested in us. Anymore questions or information you have for me hit me up here or check out

Best of luck man,
Geag SKT'T-one Ătriss

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03.15.2013 , 12:34 AM | #3
Sure send me a pm with names of people to message and I will talk to you guys there. I asked around on Ilum and Fleet but no members were on at the moment.

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03.15.2013 , 10:30 AM | #4
I'll be in game in about an hour. Hit me up on Atriss
Geag SKT'T-one Ătriss

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03.28.2013 , 07:16 PM | #5
Guess it's time to update this with bold for emphasis. I didn't write this for S's & G's but to try and put out exactly what I was looking for so I wouldn't waste anyone's time. Why someone would add a person looking to do all story modes and then laugh and **** on them for wanting to do SM is beyond me.

Well thanks to anyone who looks at this. Please post or private message me if you feel I would be a good fit for your group.

Thank you.