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Player looking for an Oceanic Raiding Guild (imp side)

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Player looking for an Oceanic Raiding Guild (imp side)

Atrament's Avatar

03.28.2013 , 03:01 AM | #1
Are there any raiding guilds out there on the imp side that goes on an Oceanic playtime? Ive got some extensive raiding experience back in WoW (played Vanilla thru a few months of the start of WOTLK) yet I only have a few experience on TOR ( Sm modes of ops with EV HM only). In saying that, I can pick up strats easily, just need a little bit of patience for me. I have a 'Sin geared in Rakata/BH gear. Apologies in advance if the post seems a bit messy, kinda made without coffee. Also a mature player just to add.

edit: I normally play around 11-6 am pst.