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No more class stories

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03.26.2013 , 12:51 PM | #11
i made a bunch of decisions at the end of my inquisitor storyline that SHOULD have impact on the story that follows, at least 2-3 decisions.

so if bioware isn't suppose to keep people here for story or end-game happy... then what are they suppose to do?
come out with more and more armor sets and pets that you buy for real money so u can put that money into one-story-fits-all expansions? i dont know who is driving the ship into the iceberg, but just give us a chapter four.. say that with the success of the expansion and the cartel market (i know u are making boat loads of cash and downsizing like crazy) that you are happy to announce that writers will begin working on Chapter 4 of each classes personal story (if they havent already you are dooming yourself to become just another mmo) and you would like our input on how each story could be continued.

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03.26.2013 , 12:52 PM | #12
I'm definatly thinking there's a lotta room for more class stories and hope those return.

I mean the JK needs his "Dark empire"

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03.26.2013 , 12:59 PM | #13
I can ses the big picture of entering a galactic war. That sets the stage perfectly for furthering the story of the classes (at least the ones I've played I know for sure)

Now there are only two stories to play through with Makeb, Republic/Empire. That gets dull which is why I don't do the planetary story arcs anymore, I've seen them, they lost their value after the 5th time. Now if there was another chapter to play through for the classes on Makeb, then OMG thats 8 chapters of more fun and story, yes please!

Hope BW realises how much of an impact this has, I'm holding out for completing the remaining class stories... If the stories aren't expanded uppon by the time I'm done or there isn't anything left here game mechanic wise that would entice me to stay then bye swtor, my friends and I are off to better things.

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03.26.2013 , 01:00 PM | #14
I'm worried and a bit upset. I wanted more companion story and class story with the people I have now, particularly the romanceables. I never really felt properly resolved with my SW and Quinn for instance. I think there should be more there. I just need more story. Thats what this game is to me, story, and without it,'s not special or different than anything else out there.

This was the closest thing to a mental 'holodeck' out there. The class and companion stories as they are from 1 -50 really made it the best.

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03.26.2013 , 01:03 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by astrobearx View Post
not to white knight this situation, but you havent even seen how makeb planet story will play out. i say wait two weeks and play it, then declare that SW is now a grunt.
Agreed. Let's see if BW can pull off an excellent broader story before passing judgment on whether the change is a bad thing. If HK-51 is any indication, the shared story could be pretty impressive, not as personal as the class story of course, but still very entertaining (the Theoretika was awesome).
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03.26.2013 , 01:05 PM | #16
One thing that bothers me is that we've already had larger picture planet storylines since the start. It's not a replacement, it's just removing class storylines. While it may be good, it's highly likely my desire to play all 8 classes will end at 50 with the class stories. Bioware hasn't written a story i'd play 4 times in a very long time.

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03.26.2013 , 01:19 PM | #17
I must be coming to a differant conclusion than most people, but that quote does not tell me that indiviual class stories have been abandoned entirely. What I take away from it is that there will be more smaller expansions like RotHC that deals with Republic/Imperial storylines. The class stories will be reserved for larger expansions, of which we may only see one or two, maybe three, over the next four to six years.

In other words, Bioware is going to release small expansions more frequently than the large ones we would expect. Maybe 2-3 small expansions before the large one expanding the class stories. Given that things have changed so many times since launch and so many people from BW say things that contrdict each other, who the hell knows what they are going to do?

Like I said, I have a differant take on the recent statement regarding storylines. I just do not see them abandoning the class stories completely given that they pushed the game hard based on those stories. We just won't get the updates as often as we would like.

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03.26.2013 , 01:43 PM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord_Karsk View Post
You can relax people.

Planet itself is very immersive and looks great just really great. Feels like you are in the skies.
New mecanics, NPC move around more and have fun new mecanics.
Music is lovely and plays alot, really awesome new soundtrack.
Both your characters and companions have lots of new VO that is great.
Story that is shared i actually think is better then most class stories in many ways ! no joke.
Even orbital space station looks great compared to the others,gives you a hint of things to come.
Game also feels more smoth and look better, and plays faster, atleast feels that way.

Just wish this was the new end game planet with all the vendors on it so we could get away from fleet.
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03.26.2013 , 01:44 PM | #19
^ that's 1 opinion, isn't it?

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03.26.2013 , 01:46 PM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by Seireeni View Post
^ that's 1 opinion, isn't it?
From a beta tester who can now talk since the NDA is lifted.

As opposed to the doom and gloom crowd who have not seen it, but are positive it sucks.

Ima gonna go with the person who has actually seen the inside of the expansion.
"The internet has enabled so much and empowered so many. But it can also be a place where the basic rules of decency are suspended and pettiness and negativity thrive, - Tim Cook, Apple CEO