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Surviving the loss of a tank on the Terror From Beyond, 2nd Phase

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Surviving the loss of a tank on the Terror From Beyond, 2nd Phase

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03.23.2013 , 08:04 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by JimmyTheCannon View Post
As has been established, the difference is in 99% of the runs I've been in the tanks have been on the upper platforms instead of the lower ones, where you take more damage. You get hit with a Scream on one of those, you die.

On the lower platforms it's survivable.
I've survived through a Scream with the other tank dead numerous times, with Energy Shield up and while tanking up top (SM). You do take a lot more damage for sure, but if your healers are prepared and amazing you can make it - credit to them as I certainly don't stack Endurance. Pretty sure I've even survived one Scream without my CD, but that was likely just luck.

That said I think your way is likely more healer friendly as long as you're quick with the jumping. Dunno why, but I always seem to end up tanking this thing with new tanks that have trouble seeing the spit, so I'll likely be trying this out the next time I end up there on my tank.
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