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Drawing Board

ubermouth's Avatar

03.22.2013 , 05:14 PM | #11
If you were able to continue to do your thing despite me being able to do mine, then my suggestion is not game breaking, I'm not taking anything from you.
Secondly, from a communication stand-point, you have not said anything of substance, or giiven concrete examples of how it's a bad, game-breaking idea. All you said is some flowery talk about mmo norms, and how you and your friends do this or that, or some nonsense about "ripping" the core out of the game when I didn't mention anything about removing game features. Stop being dramatic.
. Im talking about adding content. You are entitled to all your beliefs. I am entitled to mine. I'm just asking for options.
Im not looking to convert you. If you don't see yourself using a feature like this, that's fine. Don't try to convert or cok-block me, troll.