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Can Zenith be romanced?

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Can Zenith be romanced?

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03.29.2012 , 07:06 AM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by Mirandel View Post
Actually, his silence is one of his virtue
Hehe, agree with you.
I especially love the missions speech he does: "Done. Next?"

I was hoping Zenith would teach the ship droid a bit about the virtues of silence now when they're neighbours and all, but no luck.
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03.30.2012 , 03:36 PM | #72
Now imagine how hard this could be on Zenith - to live in presence of that annoying droid without ability to silence him (not his property)

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04.26.2012 , 06:36 PM | #73
Aww. that sucks. I have a Twi'lek female and I wanted her too be with Zenith. Irreso it is, I guess, since Holiday would probably get wiggy if something came in between her and Theran; also, Theran is annoying anyway.

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03.17.2013 , 03:44 AM | #74
I seriously wish Bioware would reconsider on making Zenith romanceable. Iresso has all the personality of a dishrag and isn't anywhere near as useful as one.

On this thread, some asked what attracts us ladies to Zenith. Firstly, he's complicated...not easy to get to know, you have to peel away at the layers, get to know him and build trust. Also for me, when you compare some of the vocal lines of Iresso and Zenith, I find Zenith is much more chivilrous to my lady consular. For example, he says 'cover your eyes' (which i think is sweet) and 'cover me!' which implies he'll run in and protect the consular, whereas Iresso is all 'take point and I'll cover you", which to me is like saying, hey babe, run in ahead and I'll hide back here and cover you. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I like Zenith's chivilry and protectiveness. I'm not in the least interested in Iresso. And its not like us ladies can't handle an alien love. If the guys can get Vette, why can't we get Zenith?

Please Bioware, make Zenith romanceable in a future update, he'd be worth the wait. The heart wants what it wants and its NOT Iresso

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03.20.2013 , 09:46 AM | #75
Oh I know what you mean. The problem is developers at Bioware assume everyone who plays is a male. Which is why male characters get good romancing options. In the meantime us girls have to deal with whiny sniveling men who have little boy coddle me complexes. If you need references look at either Dark Age or any of the Mass Effect games. I hated Allister and Fenris for these reasons.
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10.07.2013 , 08:15 AM | #76
Dear Bioware,

Didn't the "WAITING FOR GARRUS WILL SETTLE FOR KAIDAN" Tshirts teach you anything?
Chicks dig sexy aliens. Yes, we know you were dumbfounded when we screamed for Garrus.
Figured that would have taught you we'd scream for more aliens later, huh?
You made Zenith an attractive, interesting character. And gave him purple eyes. Then told us no.

But you let the guys shock Vette into Stockholm Syndrome? Really? REALLY?

Even the odds - get in touch with your female audience - we're out here guys.

We loved Thane. We loved Garrus. We want Zenith as a romance option.

Love, a die-hard Garrus fan.
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