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There seem to be an awful lot of healing sages....

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There seem to be an awful lot of healing sages....

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12.21.2011 , 05:35 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Cryptoling View Post
Level 28 Seer specced and I would guess that a lot of people will be switching from heals to DPS as it takes a lot of patience to heal some of these groups... I'm not giving up yet tho!

Jedi Knights I've noticed seems to think it's cool to Force Leap and body pull everyone and everything and Troopers just like to AoE the crap out of everything, even your CC'd target. Then you get the people who can't figure out simple fight mechanics or understand what the big glowing thing under their feet is...

Must. Have. Patience... This is why I'm Dark Side. I shall vent my anger and frustrations upon NPCs.
+1, like a group of 22-25 dps that are failing at hammer station, i was level 16 healing. I could keep up with the healing just fine, but their dps, it was so low, every boss fight took SO long. On my sniper the fights would last half or less as long, especially at level 25.