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Severed Ties

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03.16.2013 , 01:32 PM | #1
Hey, this is my first fanfic, I hope you like it, and hopefully not hate it. Critiques and suggestions are more than welcomed, so don't by shy shoot me one.


Blood, it was all he could see on the floor of the Firestorm, the ship that Jake was looking for that was implanted in his mind by the Holocron he found 10 years ago back in Tattooine. Wishing he could go back in time and save his sister, taken away by the Sith instead of taking Jake, would be much better than pitting her in a dangerous position. Insisting on taking them down, his recklessness, his urge and need to save her and rid of the corruption that plagues her mind drove the Jedi to banish him. The young man, along with his team that aboard the Light Rain, paced slowly through the halls of the old Sith ship and end this once and for all even without the help of the Republic and the Jedi Order who ignored his warnings of a surprise Sith invasion without proof of evidence.

The lights flickered as Jake paced, holding onto his lightsaber that was given to him after his master’s death from his sister’s hands. The feeling of a raw powerful force from deep within the ship disturbed him, casting aside fear and the feeling of vengeance was hard enough as he maintain his battle stance. One door slid open to his right, as three imperial droids stepped forward and in unison locked onto their target and pulled the trigger of their blaster riffles. Jake deflected the blaster bolts as one scratched his arm, heart racing he gritted his teeth and went in for the kill as Jake slashed forward his saber cutting the one droid in half while he force pushed the other to another droid smashing their bodies from the wall with his force power. He readied his saber and continued to walk to the **** pit of the Firestorm, the old Sith ship that was left abandoned that have enough power to destroy a solar system.

Outside of the Firestorm, the old Sith ship, where the Light Rain was dealing with imperial frigate and a cluster of star fighters the smuggler was struggling to shoot down as many as she could. Her aim improved a lot since she first met Jake, she wasn't good at shooting, she was more experienced in lying cheating and most of all trading contraband, and the more credits the better. But ever since Jake came to her life, it left a huge hole with the Jedi buried deep inside her; she cared for him like a sister would. She took the holocom and said “Hey kid, how long you’re going to be inside that ship! We have a cluster of these guys and the ship is taking serious damage and the longer we are out here then the worse it would be for all of us, hell I don’t think that mongoloid trooper back there could take it.” Said Minerva as Garner growled behind her, the Zabrak then turned back and focused his firing on the star fighters. With no answer back the blast from the engine made the ship sound off, “D3, status on the engine?!”

“Engine damage critical, one more hit like that, and this ship will be nothing.”

“Crap, I have to check up on the engine and see what I can do.” Said Minerva but the trooper held her arm.

“Let the droid handle it, we got a lot of fight in our hands here.” Said Garner as the Zabrak looked back and started shooting the imperials, as he took one down, then another fighter to explode into space. Minerva had a worried look on her face, not only worried for Jake, but worried for all in the ship; she sat down on the chair and continued firing back at the imperials. Her life flashed before her eyes, wishing she could see Jake one last time and apologize for hurting his feelings back in Nar Shaddaa. She knows his feelings for her, and although he was restricted to explore his feelings with a woman, his attempt to do so caused her to feel guilt and sorry for herself.

Back into the Firestorm Jake manage to enter the cockpit, bodies of republic troopers laid on the floor as one was sent flying towards Jake. The Jedi caught him in his arms and was pushed back, falling on the ground, Captain Tenemil looked at the Jedi with blood that trailed from his mouth. His blue eyes searched for Jake, as the Jedi shed a tear, the man who recommended Jake to lead the republic, although denied for other reasons. “We.. we tried to destroy all in the ship, they took some of my men down. And once when we got to the cockpit, she slaughtered my men, one by one slowly... I couldn't reach the controls, she was too strong…” Said the captain, as he said his last final breath, and his life gave out, as Jake held his hand, gripped it feeling pain and sorrow.

“So… we meet again, younger brother.” Said Lara Brie, as she stood with her head held high, and blood smothered across the left side of her face, while her right side covered in a mask. “About time we meet, I grow tedious of their actions, weak and pathetic, is this how the Republic train their so called best soldiers in the front lines? It would be very easy to slaughter them then.” Said she as Jake stood up and paced towards her then stopped as he faced her.

“Lara, I beg of you, there is still time, call off the attack and no more lives will cease. I am here to save you, to purge this madness off of your mind, don’t you see? He is using you as a puppet!”

“Beg? You should beg for mercy after I cut off your limbs slowly.”

“Lara, please, I know you are in there! My older sister from Tattooine, the best sister I ever had who always save me from bullies, and from dad.”

“Save you?! You know how many times I had to save you from your battles and take dad’s beatings! It left me scars, and a burning rush to put my hands on his neck. Sad part about it is, that you are bigger than me physically. Truth is, Republic and Jedi always pick their weakest and die like insects that they are. Where were you after I was taken away?!” Said Lara, as Jake stood there in silenced, looking away. He wanted to help her, get rid of the corruption from her mind, but he had no choice but to knock her out and take her with him. Lara lift her hand towards the back of her neck, putting down her cloak revealing her bald head, and putting down the mask she wore, revealing her scarred, burnt face.

“Look at me, look at me when I am talking to you!” Said Lara, as Jake looked at her, his heart sank as he saw her face. Her beauty was taken away, the little girl he once pictured in his mind, long blond hair, blue eyes, and any man would want her, and it was all gone. “This is the training I was given after 10 long years, strong in the force that I am. And the Master will bestow all his power to me.”

“Bestow? Lara, he is not bestowing, he is using you to end it all.”

“Then so be and let it come to pass. A new empire shall emerge, and there is nothing that you or the Republic can do or say to stop me.” Said Lara as she drew her saber, while Jake looked down and sighed, as a tear ran down his eye, hoping the force would not grant her a swift death, but let her live and purge the corruption off of her.

“Lara, I love you as my sister. And I do hope that one day, in death and in the next life you will forgive me for not looking for you when the Holocron exposed itself to me. It should have been me they took, not you. I will do what I must,” Said Jake as he drew out his saber and cleared his mind, but with the thought of his sister encroaches his thoughts to attack and defend, as if he should be left wide open for her to kill. “Lara, I promised you to save you from yourself and your master, and now I am here to fulfill that promise.”

“Take your promises and shove it, your anguish cries and beg for mercy is all I need to unlock the true potential to my unbridled power. Prepare for a new beginning young brother, for I, Darth Valara will be seated as the empress of the galaxy!” Said Lara as she leaped towards him, while Jake force pushed her, knocking her towards the controls, turning on the ship’s detonation sequence that will explode and take everyone and everything with it, like a planet that would explode.