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New Cartel Market Certificates need to be BOL

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New Cartel Market Certificates need to be BOL

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03.12.2013 , 09:37 PM | #1
Hey all,

I am writing in regards to the cartel market certificates which are bound to the character you buy the cartel packs on. I think these really need to change to Bind on Legacy.

Take me for example, I bought packs on an alt as I really don't want to clog up my mains inventory and now I am stuck with the cartel market certificates on an alt without being able to transfer them to my main. Further to that the items I can buy are bind on pickup, so I cant even buy the item and send it to my main.

Please reconsider this and make the certificates bond to legacy or change the items we can buy to bind on legacy.

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03.13.2013 , 12:10 AM | #2

Aren't Reputation items supposed to be BOL anyway?

Are you, BioWare, going to require that we open EVERY SINGLE NEW PACK on the same character so that we don't spread our certificates out across our legacy?
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03.13.2013 , 12:22 AM | #3
EricMusco already addressed this in the general forum, and said it was a good point, and he will query the devs about it.

Jedi_Thran_Kuro's Avatar

03.13.2013 , 03:07 AM | #4
Really simple. Change it.

Our mains have all got full cargo holds, and since you imposed that ridiculous initial bind on items from cartel packs, we all open cartel packs on alts. Now you introduce a currency drop from these packs that is bound to the opener of the pack. Not in itself a deal breaker, but then you made the items purchased with those cartel certificates bind on pickup. So, now I need to buy cartel packs only on my main if I want to have the fancy items available to that character?

Enough with the binds, already. Everything should be bind on equip. But failing that, NOTHING should be bind on pickup. Everything at least ought to be tradeable within our legacies.
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03.13.2013 , 09:07 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Mowermanx View Post
EricMusco already addressed this in the general forum, and said it was a good point, and he will query the devs about it.
I didn't see that post of his and I'll take you on your word with that. That said I do hope they do consider that.
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