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My Commando Trooper and The skills (so conflicted)

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My Commando Trooper and The skills (so conflicted)

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03.10.2013 , 08:01 PM | #11
hi guys:
I have also a trooper command level 26... i am doing just fine with him and the companion... now, as far as crew skills i have scavenging, slice and armstech... scavenging is essential when you send companion on a mission to gather items.. they can bring the main item for weapons...and of course slice the higher you go into planets.. .more credits you get in slicing..
Start with grenade, exp

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03.12.2013 , 03:04 PM | #12
Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooo oooooooooo

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03.12.2013 , 03:19 PM | #13
Keep your first speeder Until you purchase Pilot Rank 3.

Hopefully, you purchased one of those super cheap Cartel Market mounts nobody wants. The ones that sell on the GTN for less than 8,000k. Not even the speeder vendor can cut you a deal like that.

I stocked up on 5,000 or less Ubrikki Sand Devils or whatever the other ugly Ubbriki mount is called.
With these cartel market mounts, movement speed automatically increases as you unlock new speeder licenses. So you never have to purchase another speeder.

You could also pay 4.99 for the Digital Edition Upgrade Pack
It will give all your characters a free, good looking speeder, that will last you until you start getting some of the nicer loot drop speeders at lv50.

info url:
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03.12.2013 , 04:11 PM | #14
OH crap, I forgot, this thread is about Crew Skills for troopers.
here's my wall of text:

Aric Jorgan gets a +5 critical to Diplomacy
M1-4X (your 3rd companion) gets +5 critical to Scavenging
Tanno Vik (your 4th companion) gets a +5 critical to Armormech

What criticals do for you
  • Criticals with Diplomacy, means you have a higher chance of getting more Mission Rewards at no extra cost.
    - so instead of getting 3 radioactive paste, you have a better chance of getting 6 radioactive paste per mission.

  • Criticals with Scavenging, work just like with diplomacy, more rewards per mission
    - so instead of getting 24 thermoplast flux, you get 48 thermoplast flux (oh yeah!)

  • Criticals with Armormech (some items), means you can make 2 FREE items for the mat cost of 1 item. So, its a 2 for 1 deal with +5 critical to armormech
  • Criticals on every other Armormech item, give you an Augment Slot free. Only catch is, the Augment Slot will match the level of the gear you just crafted.
    - so if you craft a level 39 item, your augment slot is only going to be a mk-4

Efficiency cuts the crafting time by a percentage, it's useful but nowhere near as useful as getting a FREE item at no extra mat/time/credit cost..

So. With that information. Your crafting skill is going to be Armormech. and your Gather skill is going to be Scavenging.
Those two are not up for debate. (Unless you already have a vanguard or another trooper with Armormech, then you can branch out into cybertech/biochem for crafting pvp grenades/free stims.)

BUT if you are following my advice, and your first two skills are going to be Armormech/Scavenging like I recommended: Then your third skill is your only choice.
  • Underworld Trading.
This mission skill will make your crafting life easier. Blue Prototype and Purple Artifiact items require the same color rarity Underworld Metals. Picking this mission skill will make your crafting life easier, and save you from logging out, switching toons, sending underworld metals back to your armormech via mail, each and every time you run out of stock. (only your ship droid can have a +2 Underworld Trading critical but this requires legacy level 20 and the appropriate Ship Droid Sensor)
  • Diplomacy
Diplomacy (to exploit Aric Jorgan's increased +5 crit chance). Get more stuff for less credits.

SO THIS ADVICE IS FOR CRAFTING. Pure crafting. You only need 1 armormech crafter in your Legacy. Once you have your one Armormech Trooper, you can do whatever the f--- you want with any new Troopers you make.

My first trooper, she was a female (the voice of female Shepard from the Mass Effect series)
she has Armormech, Scavenging, Diplomacy (exploiting the crits)

Originally I was going to drop Diplomacy and pick up Underworld Trading, my plan was to use diplomacy to boost my Light Side Points so I can Equip the relics purchased from the Light Side Vendor at fleet AS SOON as I had the required level. Meaning Light II, Light III, Light IV, Light V was never a problem.
But I made some Imperial Agents around the same time, and they supply her with Underworld Metals, so she kept Diplomacy. Even though Aric Jorgan is coolest companion, closest thing to Garrus Vakarian, and wish he were at my side in battle; he is forever stuck farming Radioactive Paste.
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