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tanks ACs, early 20s

Onimara's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 04:46 AM | #1
been trying both bounty hunter and jedi shadow up to 21-22nd now, done few FPs.

power tech - very cool mechanics, nice animation, I love how the class play, and the mid range abilities really help you control the fights, I would love a better AoE early on.

Shadow - I'm not too impressed, your only reliable AoE till late 20s is knock back, your force speed is a gimmick more then viable ability to close distance before you trigger happy DPS charge head on. I do LOVE mind maze. in other MMOs I would have given a lot to have my own CC.

all in all, both classes are decent, but up to early 20s, I would take the power tech.

two other things to note.
the game seems to hate shadows, which is why you can't craft with artifice your offhand.

RP servers (might be others as well) are overfilled with jedi classes, which is another big bonus toward the power tech/trooper