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End game raid sizes

BPStarsiege's Avatar

03.10.2013 , 05:02 PM | #1
Could ppl pls leave reply on their thoughts for end game raid size and scale, or click link and vote on the poll?

ie: do you want to have one raid size for all or two sizes - one designed for smaller community one for larger, etc?
How many ppl do you feel make up your hopeful end game raids for communities of those size(s)?

This was a general MMO poll I wanted players opinions as ea MMO is cutting the size of raids and they tell us as players that what we want.... hmmmm not me or my friends that have raided for years.


Levity's Avatar

03.10.2013 , 05:37 PM | #2
Shoudln't it scale in multiples of 4 ?

BPStarsiege's Avatar

03.10.2013 , 05:44 PM | #3
sorry yeah it should but this was more of a general MMO question... was after ppls thoughts not just SWTOR.
I am not liking this scaling down of raid size with ea new MMO. Why cant they have big Epic raids for communities large enough and active enough that can cooperate like a small raid force.

An MMO that will draw me in would be something like:
Group Size of 5 players.
Progression Raids(PR) with variants for 10/20/40/80 players.
Open World Raids(OWR) with Variants for 40/80/120 players.
Multiple Difficulty Levels - (S)Standard / (H)Heroic / (E)Epic / (L)Legendary / (I)Immortal

That would allow greater options for players of different minds and all with nothing more than small changes to the raids depending on size and difficulty to balance it out:

10 player Heroic raid NPC's have more HP and hit harder/Mitigate more than Standard 10
20 player standard could be like 10 Heroic for stats etc with a few added scripts/abilities during events

Raid Reward Scales:

Tier 1.1 Raid Gear PR10S
Tier 1.2 Raid Gear PR10H PR20S
Tier 1.3 Raid Gear PR10E PR20H PR40S
Tier 1.4 Raid Gear PR10L PR20E PR40H PR80S
Tier 1.5 Raid Gear PR10I PR20L PR40E PR80H
Tier 1.6 Raid Gear PR20I PR40L PR80E
Tier 1.7 Raid Gear PR40I PR80L OWR40
Tier 1.8 Raid Gear PR80I OWR80
Tier 1.9 Raid Gear OWR120

Petnil's Avatar

03.11.2013 , 04:15 AM | #4
i tried 40man raids and while it have a certain apeal i just prefer smaller raids. Big raids require loads of chat discipline and iīm not big on that. Huge objectivebased pvp maps could work though. You could have a defensive team, an offensive team and maybe a stealth comandoraid team.

I agree that 4man groups are just too small, but thatīs more to do with the tand/heal/dps ratio of typical trinitybased mmoīs. I dont have any statistics but my guess is that 6man groups would be about right for what people typicly play of roles.

Also i dont agree that bigger raids should get better loot. Harder raids should have better loot, but bigger isnīt allways harder. I dont mind they get different loot, could be other colors of armors or whatever.

The thing is in a 40 man raid, if someone dies your force is reduced by 2.5% and tbh itīs usually the worse players who die first so itīs not much of a problem. In a 10man raid if you loose 1 man your force is down by 10%. Imo the room for error gets smaller the smaller the raid.

Now 8 man isnīt realy big enough to be called a raid iīll give you that, but imo all raidsizes should be equally hard and get same itemlevel loot.

My perfect size would probably be 6man groupsize. 12/24man raids. Maybe pvp maps with bigger groups.