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Am i doing this right? ( Telekinetics Sage Question )

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Am i doing this right? ( Telekinetics Sage Question )

Hakkology's Avatar

02.23.2013 , 07:29 PM | #1

I've been trying to get a good dps number for a while now with my telekinetics sage. I tested my dps on an Operations Training Target MK-5.
Here are the stats for my sage.

2126 willpower
819 power
35,22% crit chance ( These stats are buffed but not stimmed, so was the test results. )
75,82% surge
8,73% alacrity

After testing these stats for a while;

This is what i came up with. 1641 dps seems horribly low considering this is stationary dps. My guildmates easily see 1800 dps on many occasions.
On a Xeno HM the other day, i only managed to pull 1440 dps, which was even worse.
I'm open for any type of critisizing, suggestion to improve my dps.
Thank you.
All the best.
Hakko of the Red Eclipse ( Telekinetics Sage )

Memo-'s Avatar

02.24.2013 , 06:23 AM | #2
A few pointers:

1) If you use instant abilities AFTER casting or channeling an ability whose cast time is less than 1.5 secs you'll save time. (If the cast time is lower than the GCD, then the GCD for that abiltiy is adjusted.) Works with Disturbance, proc-Telekinetic Throw and anything during Mental Alacrity.

2) Don't use that much Disturbance. Telekinetic Throw on cooldown (don't wait for the proc, but always use the proc of course). The Concentration-stack isn't too important to keep up, as even without it you probably would not exhaust your Force. Keeping Tremors up would be good, but it is really RNG and sometimes it will just fall off and you cannot help it. (I once pumped 25 Disturbances into the dummy before I got even one Telekinetic Momentum. :P)

3) Some obvious things: use the Force Potency charges on Telekinetic Throw and Telekinetic Wave if possible (in that order so that the possible secondary attack from TKW doesn't exhaust the charge.) Reapply Weaken Mind as it falls off, and only use Turbulence when it's up - but still on cooldown. Try to get a good flow for it.

4) During Mental Alacrity you probably SHOULD be using only casts and channels so you really get all out of the alacrity-boost. Turbulence, Mind Crush and TKT are your priorities, Disturbance when they are on cooldown.

Hope these help.
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02.24.2013 , 03:27 PM | #3
Thank you, your pointers have been most helpful. Especially number 1 and 4.

Especially #1, i mostly time my "Weaken Mind" after "Mind Crush" ignorantly. You fixed a lot with this one .
Also #4 means i should renew my "Weaken Mind" just before using "Mental Alacrity".

#2 however, i fail to get this one right. Should i use this often, whenever its off cooldown ? I also will lose telekinetic wave procs with this and miss some proc times. I should work on this better and get some comparative results.

Thank you for these.
All the best.
Hakko of the Red Eclipse ( Telekinetics Sage )

Bronaimeth's Avatar

03.06.2013 , 10:34 PM | #4
I'm fairly new to telekinetics, and sorry for somewhat hijacking your thread, but I'm unsure of how often we should be using mind crush.

Hakkology's Avatar

03.07.2013 , 04:11 AM | #5
It's alright, i restarted playing after a long time so i'm slowly getting used to telekinetics dps as well so the threads kinda new .

Mind Crush has a high priority on our rotation, whenever you find yourself standing, i use it after Turbulance, TKW or TKT proc. If you find yourself in a mobile situation, project does the same amount of dps.

I've also done a couple of tests. (These have been tested without willpower stim.)

First test is when you use only Mind Crush, second test is when you only use Project. Dps values were totally the same !
So its your call to decide if you want to use Mind Crush in your rotation. Project is always useful while you are moving but Mind Crush ? That's debatable.
Hakko of the Red Eclipse ( Telekinetics Sage )