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02.12.2013 , 04:00 AM | #11
I know that most on Gav Daragon do not look forward to the prospect of an Asia-Pacific server merge, but should it happen regardless, I'd like to implore the RPers of Gav Daragon to give Dalborra a second chance. I cannot help but agree that while the majority might be uneducated and cynical of Role-Play, I believe that the purposes RP fulfils transcends external influence and is instead highly reliant on a community core.

I love RP, the nature of storytelling, living the experiences of the characters we create, acknowledgement of the character as an entity to be respected outside of the self, etc. I wanted to play on Gav Daragon, but ultimately, RP wasn't the 'be all end all' for me when it comes to the game. Realistically, even among RPers, the story will at times come secondary to the experience of the game as it was intended. It is the balanced availability of both story based play and traditional MMO functions that can bring fulfilment.

What am I asking?

Should, through the mystical powers of the force, you be forced to merge with Dalborra, don't feel so bad about it. I understand that there are viable alternatives, such as moving the community (or close friends) to a US based server for RP's sake, and to be in a perceived 'better community', but then you'd deprive the only Asia Pacific server of a strong RP community. I'm currently in my last week of the semester, following which I had planned to, at the very least, attempt to initiate role-play on Dalborra. This will include guides on character profile creation, etiquettes of RP, mechanics of RP interaction, scheduled weekly RP meetings, etc.

I understand that Gav Daragon has its own separate forum, and that most of what I intend to do can be found there. I was hoping that should the servers be merged, we could use that to maintain the Asia Pacific RP community. Do let me know what you guys currently on Gav Daragon think about this concept. Feel free to use vulgarities and insults, catharsis is good for the emotional well being (or so I'm told).

To answer the poster above me, most believe the three Asia-Pacific servers will be merged into Dalborra because of the staggeringly higher population it currently boasts as in comparison to the other two.
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02.12.2013 , 12:37 PM | #12
I thought the servers were all in Australia.
And according to this, Gav has more people.

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02.12.2013 , 06:44 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by AussieAlan View Post
I thought the servers were all in Australia.
And according to this, Gav has more people.
Yeah funny that, but apparently the only true indicator of population is how many people are standing around doing notihng on fleet

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02.12.2013 , 10:27 PM | #14
Haha, if that is the case then I am mistaken and apologise for said assumption. However, there is a high possibility that all 3 Asia Pacific servers will be merged into one, and regardless of which server becomes the base, I would like for a continuity of RP on the new server if at all possible. Again, this is predicated on the other assumption that there is an eventuality of a combined Asia Pacific server, which may not happen any time soon, or ever, for that matter.

The point of me posting here is to, at the very least, gauge interest in continuing RP should there be a hypothetical server merge. Ultimately, I'd just like to point out that in the hypothetical scenario of a server merge, there will in fact be a viable probability of establishing a decent RP community. Which means a server transfer isn't the only option, in short.
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02.12.2013 , 11:53 PM | #15
Its safe to say it will be a PvE server and RP too, if you are on an RP server you can choose not to RP and still do PVP.
Its also safe to say a merger will happen, again going by that info, the 3 Aussie severs are the lowest populated, and with more people leeching eventually they will need to merge to cut costs.

As for when, well its EA so who knows, it also makes more sense for then to make a new server than dump everyone onto one of the existing, would cause less disruption and down time.

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02.14.2013 , 03:53 PM | #16
If we get either a merge/transfer, you can expect a lot of us are going regardless of how things are on Gav Daragon. Some of us are even RPers -- myself included. I personally would like to see the potential people we have... and no I'm not going to run around just doing RP; even here our RP is planned around PvP nights and progression raids of different people and guilds (usually that means that we only have 2-3 days where we can get together).

The last two weeks for example have been especially hectic -- but the last RP we had is so memorable that I even wrote a summary on it and all participants are keen on advancing the plot.

Here's a taste.

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03.07.2013 , 03:16 AM | #17
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