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Explain orange gear to me

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12.20.2011 , 04:38 PM | #21
Realize also that you can remove existing mods from your orange gear for a small fee.

When you sell an orange item you will get the same price as you would if you remove all the mods and sell them separately except that you are down the fees for extraction.

The only characteristic that is inherent to an orange item is the type of item that it is. So you can never change the fact that the cool looking piece of heavy armor will always be heavy armor and your consular will never be able to wear it. a blaster cannon is not a blaster pistol and a double bladed lightsaber is not a regular light saber and so on. But everything else is moddable including the bases armor or damage stats that come from the level of the item. The level is determined by the barrel, the hilt or the armoring.

You can find orange crystals in some lightsaber drops. I got one from the sith at the end of esseles. Even though the saber was restricted to dark side the crystal itself wasn't. Also the item was a double bladed saber and I use single bladed sabers. The point is, even if you can't use the item, you might be able to use the mods in an item. Just don't be a dick and need on an item you can't use just for the mods over someone who can use the whole item.
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12.20.2011 , 04:48 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Kindara View Post
There are no base stats on Orange Gear.
There isn't base stats on ANY gear or weapons , if i recall.

Again, as I recall, orange and blue gear are no different other than the mods that are exchangeable or upgradeable on both.

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12.21.2011 , 03:18 AM | #23
Urgh i thought there was base stats on damage/armour. I will have to look into this again...
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12.21.2011 , 03:46 AM | #24
No, there is a difference, for instance higher lvl orange sabers will have higher base dmg (melee) and armor will have a higher armor rating. other than that it's a great feature, i'm playing as a sage and the end-game armors look like a barbie-princess parade, so i'll be sticking to my moddable jedi robes