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Lev 50 Sith assassin help

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Lev 50 Sith assassin help

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03.04.2013 , 06:13 PM | #1
Just hit level 50 with my sith assassin, focusing on pvp and dps what in the world do I do now......never had a maxed out char. in any mmorpg. Please help guide me in the right direction...Thanks CAW CAW!!!

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03.04.2013 , 08:13 PM | #2
Buy wh stalker gear, aug it (power). Remode bracers and belt (but u can skip it). So now u have 1395 exp.. Or around it. U can trade some expertise for power or crit. Some ppl go to 1200 exp, I keep it around 1320 exp. once u get wh set go for ewh, but do not by ewh stalker implants, they r same as wh mistiq.. healers implants..

Yr main stat r willpower/power (I prefer power)/surge/crit. I am running deception, so I put crit on last position. (inhave a few sets with higher power or crit). Deception is dmg burst that mainly produced by yr rk charges (+60% crit). If u r running madness then probably u ll need crit for yr dots..

To remod yr gear u need extra set of gear (to extract mods/enhancements). U have to look and choose pieces of pvp gear that contain enhancements/mods u need, u need also to be sure that pieces u finally choose have lowerst price. I'll suggest u 42/52 (or so) power/surge enhancements and 50/40 (or so) willpower/power mods. These mods/enh could b taken from any pvp gear, I.e. force lord etc. Important point - don't be hurry to trade yr pvp arm/mods for better pve ones. The easiest way to get crit or power is yr crystals in main and off hand 80 exp vs 80 crit/power or 40power/40 crit. This is the best trade ratio u ll have.

There r also some tricks to get various bonuses instead pvp one..

At the end u ll have something around 1700 melee/78%surge/more than 900 force bonus dmg/25-30% crit with buff/1300 expertise (iam saying "around" since I played a while ago and don't remember exact values). U ll have still room to get some extra crit/dmg bonus but in wz it would make no difference.

On my sin I started with main and off hand, however I feel it's not a best way, I.e. on my sage I started with implants relics and then boots etc, and it looks like i got higher boost))) (main and offhand r expensive, for this price u can buy many other pieces).

Gl.. 2.0 will change everything.xD

Edit: don't forget biochem for reusable plus100power stim.
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03.05.2013 , 11:01 AM | #3
Thanks a lot man...I really appreciate the help.