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Display Name Only Log In - Coming April 2, 2013

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Display Name Only Log In - Coming April 2, 2013
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

JPryde's Avatar

03.05.2013 , 10:38 AM | #11
Okay, so here is a challenge for security experts:

1. Find out my display name
2. Find out my e-mail addy, which I use for SWTOR and this website.
3. Evaluate which of the two is harder to find out.
4. Explain how the new system will improve security

This is a ludicrous change. You remove a more or less hidden value and replace it by an openly accessible value and call that an improvement in security ??
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Arlon_Nabarlly's Avatar

03.05.2013 , 10:39 AM | #12
I hope this is a joke, if not it's really really really really really really stupid. A step backwards. Pretty much everywhere let's you use your e-mail as login anymore and more are moving towards that, not away from.

morfius's Avatar

03.05.2013 , 10:40 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by CourtneyWoods View Post
Please be aware that beginning on April 2, 2013, logging in to the game or website will require your Display Name. Email addresses will no longer be accepted; your Display Name will be the only accepted option.

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You are actually decreasing security using display name, not increasing it.
To be secure compliant logon name has to be unique and not shown to whole world.
It may create some fuss in the begging , but please add different logon name.
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Daxy's Avatar

03.05.2013 , 10:40 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by MrSchmo View Post
I don't understand how this help security. No one knows what email I use to log in. Everyone knows your 'Display Name'. Granted they need to know the security questions, but knowing each persons display name is one less barrier IMO.

no one "knows" my e-mail or my real identity but everyone on these forums knows my username

my mind is conjuring scenes where some butthurt player has a tiff with another and begins trying to hack an account
where 1/2 of the login information is available for the world to see

AbsolutGrndZero's Avatar

03.05.2013 , 10:41 AM | #15
I have to agree. Logging in with our display name is a step backwards... please reconsider this Bioware/EA.
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Altheran's Avatar

03.05.2013 , 10:41 AM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by Icebergy View Post
April Fools?
April fools before the said day is odd. And they purposely chose the 2nd, because the 1st would be calling for not taking them seriously.

So no, i don't think it's an april fool.

Quote: Originally Posted by bigheadbrandon View Post
so now everyone will know half of what you use to login?
iuno theres a reason why something like steam doesn't show people your account name...
It's not like if you could already log in by using your account name... wait it is the case.
By now, by reading your Forum name, I'm already able to fill half of your login requirements.

Basically, it was probably that they noticed something like the possibility to change a SWTOR password by accessing to Origin, as they are exactly similar, and as Origin security is lower, maybe it allowed to skip some securities like the personnal question. By doing so hacking swtor will not allow to access Origin by "one stone two birds", and as Origin is protected, then maybe the "password change" becomes safer.

LordMilitus's Avatar

03.05.2013 , 10:44 AM | #17
Dude.. F this. What the hell? Isn't it bad enough you mess up in every other way that you FORCE this on people too?

Edit: Hold on- next game BW/EA makes will be "We listen to fans." like ME3 or SW:TOR.. This entire thread is full of people asking them /NOT/ to change it, will they care? Nah!

ripamorame's Avatar

03.05.2013 , 10:44 AM | #18
Its simple dont want to get hacked dont post ;-) its probably a way out of replying to post ;-) oh bioware u so crazy

darthspaz's Avatar

03.05.2013 , 10:45 AM | #19
Is there a way to change my display name? I thought I had before launch, but didn't actually check until today.

Yaesive's Avatar

03.05.2013 , 10:45 AM | #20
This is an excellent Security Update as this will do several things from a global Security prospective.
  1. Help to protect individuals identities or identifying information. In some Countries around the world the use of Email addresses is considered a identifying piece of information thus the use of it could be a violation of legal laws (e.g. possibly Germany).
  2. Unify all cross-reference actions from account and forum.

The question I have will we be allowed to do a one-time Account Name change if we desire without losing history of our posting?

Additionally I am wondering if we will see a purge of inactive User accounts to free up possible accounts for new player?

BTW before you think #1 is not the case. I work professionally in Information Security and hold several Global Certifications including my CISSP and thus understand the Risk and pain. I do see and understand why some of you do not agree, but understand if your system is compromised it is a layer of overall security not account security for the game. It is the larger individual that is being considered here not the SWTOR.
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