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The Corsair Syndicate - RP/PVE - Ebon Hawk Server

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The Corsair Syndicate - RP/PVE - Ebon Hawk Server

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03.04.2013 , 07:39 PM | #1
The Corsair Syndicate is a newly formed RP/PVE guild, with some members who dabble in PVP as well. We arecurrently recruiting all classes. See write up below.

IC Info: Throughout the galaxy, The Corsair Syndicate is known as one of the go to organizations for Mercenary work. The syndicate is filled with both force using and non force using personnel able to achieve any goals that they may be contracted for, whether this is in the form of simple information gathering, obtaining certain objects, or conducting rescue missions. They are known to be tenacious, and to follow through on all jobs unerringly.

OOC Info: The Merc work is a front. The Syndicate’s primary goal in life is the obtaining of power and wealth through means of obtaining information that others would find useful. This would include but is not limited to obtaining ancient datacrons and texts containing long forgotten information, gathering and storing information by means of trade in such a manner as to get information worthwhile to other organizations while being able to maintain enough info to protect themselves from all those who would both use and fear the services they provide. They are not completely loyal to the empire, and do not wish to amass the information in an attempt to oppress others. Rather, their goal is simply to allow themselves to live within a high standard while ensuring their personal longevity as well as that of the Syndicate and those who work for it.