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LF Geared DPS for TFB HM (Empire)

zophiel_'s Avatar

03.04.2013 , 02:39 PM | #1

I am from War-Machine and we are currently looking for two DPS to round out a TFB HM group. I would prefer one ranged and one melee DPS. The gear requirement would be 61s and/or 63s, but I honestly care more about skill level than gear. If you are smart, are willing to put the time in and know how to play your class well (i.e can adjust on the fly to situations instead of just going though straight rotations), that's more than enough usually.

A little about our guild: We are a casual raiding guild that also does pvp together. We currently have 5 raiding groups in the guild between TFB HM and EC NIM and we have had as many as 7 before we lost players to other games. We don't have any shortage of tanks or healers in the guild, but are currently short on skilled DPS. We try to make an effort to get to know every member, what they are shooting towards in terms of game goals at the moment and where they are with respect to those goals currently.

If you are interested, I can be reached on Empire side on the following Characters:
Humility, Octavous, Zophiel, Phylia

and Republic side:
Amielia, Titiana, Iophiel, Youfiel

Thank you very much
Lvl 55: Emp : Humility - Sin tnk, Octavous - Op heal, Phylia - Sorc heal, Zophiel - Jug Tnk, Valgarv - Pt Tnk Rep: Amielia - Shad tank, Octaviea - Scoun heal, Iophiel - Com heal, Youfiel - Sent.