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Legacy Conversion Kit

Dr_Kid's Avatar

02.07.2013 , 05:38 PM | #1
Single use item that you buy from the Cartel Market. Go to a Augmentation Workbench and apply it to a single item.
When used, the item will bind, and become legacy bound, allowing you to mail it to other characters.

Each kit can cost around 300-600 Cartel Coins, with the possibility of buying them in bulk for a slight discount.

Some extra bonus features I would to see added.
I would like to see them making non-moddable items (most whites, greens and blues) , moddable (Orange quality), removing Class restrictions (Unique items usable only by Smuggers, Jedi Knights etc). For certain pieces of crafted gear, a way to lock in the faction's appearance would be useful as well. Finally, item durability should be set to 120. (if it was originally 80, or 100).

Currently I have been stuck using event gear for most of my characters, Gunslinger/Sniper and Sentinel/Marauder. Being able to change their appearance would be well worth the cost.

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03.04.2013 , 01:39 PM | #2
Aha! Took a while to find it, but I figured *someone* had to have had this idea.

I, too, would like a "Legacy Gift" kit. I could see two possible options:
1) Kit makes the item fully Legacy bound. (Higher price)
2) Kit makes the item temporarily Legacy-bound until a character equips it. In other words, this kit would allow you to essentially re-bind an item within your Legacy. (Cheaper price)

This would be lovely for Cartel items, as well as the inevitable bound Flashpoint loot you get that's useless to the character who won it, but would be just perfect for an alt.
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