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More Cartel Market Gear

JaceMatai's Avatar

02.26.2013 , 04:52 PM | #1
Hi everyone! Just a few suggestions of what we could see next in the CM.

First: Darth Bane's Orbalisk Armor ( I think this would look cool on Sorcerers, but would be open to any class.

Second: The rest of Nihilus's Robes. I know someone who is absolutely OBSESSED with Nihilus. I think this would satisfy him

Third and Finally: The Sith Acolytes in the trailers "Hope" and "Decieved" Trailers ( I've always wanted to put this on my Mar and Juggy :P

JaceMatai's Avatar

02.26.2013 , 05:37 PM | #2
Oh, scroll down all the way to see the last pic... heh

SithKoriandr's Avatar

02.26.2013 , 11:56 PM | #3
and taking those outfits with mods in them (just chest pieces I believe) and rip out the mods and make them available to use at level 1 or at the latest 10!
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BenjaminminU's Avatar

02.27.2013 , 02:14 PM | #4
Can I just get a Boba Fett style mandalorian set for my imperial agent?

There is a definite lack of bounty hunter gear on the cartel market.
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JaceMatai's Avatar

02.27.2013 , 02:45 PM | #5
@SithKoriandr: I forgot to mention they would be avail at level one

@BenjaminminU: I agree, bounty hunters and troopers need more gear on the GM

JaceMatai's Avatar

02.28.2013 , 06:30 AM | #6
Really? No one else wants to see these armor sets?

SlimSanta's Avatar

02.28.2013 , 06:58 PM | #7
I have been waiting for acolyte gear since launch just sad that it's not in the actual game... was hoping for it to come with 2.0 but instead they made the mara gear look like something out of Planet of The Apes.

It's about time bioware took advandage of star wars lore, instead of trying to copy diablo, mass effect, doom and all of those over-the-top designs.

Sith acolyte is a clean design, with details that are just awesome. Looks much better on someone that is strong in the force, then someone wearing a tonn of demon-lookalike carwreck.
The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is for Good Men To Do Nothing...

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03.03.2013 , 08:49 PM | #8
The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is for Good Men To Do Nothing...