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Is there a "complete" list of WZ medals?

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Is there a "complete" list of WZ medals?

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04.12.2012 , 10:51 AM | #1
Can anybody get me a link, hint or something?

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02.27.2013 , 11:31 AM | #2
Here's a list I got off of SWTOR Hub, there is a more in-depth description there, but here's the "short" version.


Annihilator 5k Damage Single Hit
Assassin 1 Solo Kill
Combatant 75k Damage Dealt
Commando 10 Kills
Dauntless I- 10 min victory
Dauntless II- 9 min victory
Dauntless III- 8 min victory
Dauntless IV- 7 min victory
Dauntless V- 6 min victory
Dauntless VI- 5 min victory
Defense Basic- 1k defender points
Defense Bronze- 3k defender points
Defense Silver- 5k defender points
Defense Gold- 7.5k defender points
Defense Platinum- 10k defender points
Defense Diamond- 15k defender points
Demolisher 2.5k Damage Single Hit
Destroyer - 300k Damage Dealt
Guardian 2k Defense in 1 Life
Healer 75k Healed
Medic 2.5k Single Heal
Offense Basic- 1k offensive points
Offense Bronze- 3k offensive points
Offense Silver- 5k offensive points
Offense Gold- 7.5k offensive points
Offense Platinum- 10k offensive points
Offense Diamond- 15k offensive points
Paladin 10k Defense in 1 Life
Protector - 50k Defense
Quick Draw 1 Killing Blow
Savior - 300k Healed
Shield 5k Defense
Soldier 25 Kills
Trauma Surgeon 5k Single Heal
Warden 3k Defender Points
Tomb of Freedon Nadd Server - Senshii - Vanguard, Kotarr - Jedi Guardian, Kuramah - Jedi Sentinel, Syin - Jedi Shadow, Rhuvann - Jedi Sage, Kendour - Commando, Gangam - Sith Sorcerer.
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