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are Light Side and Dark Side equally as powerful?

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are Light Side and Dark Side equally as powerful?

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02.25.2013 , 01:10 PM | #61
The difference between the lightside and darkside is that they are different kinds of power. Darkside power is mostly conflict-based. I say conflict and not combat because manipulation and power plays are also forms of conflict. Conflict-based power is the most easily visible, and as such, often the most tempting.

Lightside power is, in a way, also based on conflict, but it is based on resolving conflict, not causing conflict. And the way that they resolve conflict is usually peacefully. Jedi tend to focus their powers towards diplomacy and problem solving, and when presented with a problem, the violent solution always comes last for them. Thus, the lower ranked jedi, such as padawans and knights, tend to have less combat prowess than their sith equivalents, especially against foes wielding lightsabers and force powers.. It is usually at the jedi master/sith lord level that they begin to even out in combat skills.

Also, its important to note that the characters we talk about tend not to have the (relatively) unbiased views that we do.
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