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A question

CrazyOldMystic's Avatar

02.25.2013 , 06:18 AM | #1
Something that's always bothered me and if a EA/Bioware poster could post on this. It would be nice. When you meet the havoc squad that came out of the first war. They are wearing the trooper armor design you see on troopers on taris, minus the helmet. According to the hope trailer the packs, ammo belt across the chest design was there, and present at the time of the first war. Later on you see spec force pick up the armor look of packs, ammo belts across the chest, and a antenna for the helmet. Also when ever you square off against republic special forces in the Empire story line, most of the time they are wearing the taris design armor with some color change of course. So the question becomes which is the more advanced? The pack and ammo belt across the chest, that add more ammo and tech look, or the taris design plates up more of the body with less exposed areas.
Have they ever come out and said which is more advanced story wise for swtor.