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~Madness~ is Recuting !

Levity's Avatar

02.24.2013 , 05:26 PM | #1
Hello Harbinger! I love you all!

So Madness is a PvE oriented guild with a lot of cool guys who chill and game together. A good portion of us have been playing since ToR launch and we would love to have some new faces.

Here's a break down: We do all content. We've helped gear plenty of guys who have become valuable assets in our raid progression. So you won't have to worry about being on par, we will help you to the roll of greatness! We have a website( Check it out. Our Mumble info. is there. You can hop on whenever you want to check us out. When it comes to lower lvl characters, whether you are just starting pub side because you are sick of the lame sith then we have plenty of alts. to lvl with you and take away the strain of lvling a lone.

We are looking for members to fill in the ranks for serious end game progression. We have people on the PTS rolling through the newer content to get an edge on it. Our progression is thus so far: 2/4HM EC, 4/4 EC SM, 5/5 TFB SM, 5/5 EV SM HM NM, 5/5 KP SM HM NM.

Also I stream, which features my awesome sexii Balance Shadow Narial. You can check them out and see all of our whackiness.

Come on down! We enjoy getting to know new people!

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