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First HM Flashpoint last night

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02.22.2013 , 10:53 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by jeniyagyu View Post
He left on the LAST boss .... ? Wow, and I thought rage quitting halfway through a FP was time wasted.
That and he rage quit Taval V the easiest endgame content in the game.

Once had a tank quit when I was healing because one of the DPS somehow aggroed those guys on the bridge. Instead of waiting for another tank, we pulled out my dps companion and finished the flashpoint. Both dps were not really geared (before free tionese), so they wanted to kill all bosses. Only slight problem was the line of sight pull at the end, but I put Risha on passive. Stealth in dirty kick General Edikar and ran for the group with defensive screen up. It worked. like a charm. This HM FP is so easy that I have healed the entire thing just with diagnosis scan.

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02.23.2013 , 03:20 PM | #12
Well... maybe that's the point though - that it is Taral V - the easiest FP on pub side and it took more than an hour?

Sometimes I don't mind spending longer than usual for various reasons. Just the other day a tank wanted to a full clear of Maelstrom prison - we asked him why and he said he enjoyed it. So we as a group decided OK sure why not? In such a case of course.

But maybe this DPS is like gosh I just wanted a quick run of Taral V with a little allowance for a new tank - not a full clear while everyone figures things out for one hour. I don't blame him for rage quitting TBH - it's his time and his effort and if he decided it was taking too long and he wanted to cut his losses or do somehting more enjoyable for himself why not? You can replace him really easily. Was he abusive to you? Did he ninja loot? Did he try to kick you?

If not, what is his sin exactly?