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30-54 bracket

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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02.23.2013 , 01:38 PM | #51
Heres a wild thought how about we wait and see what happens on the test server instead of groaning on a website? This game is dying anyway its only a matter of time before EA Cut its ********s off so to speak. EA already closed an office due to layoffs who is next i wonder??? Biofail???.

And i love this game its just sad the way its going
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02.23.2013 , 01:45 PM | #52
Quote: Originally Posted by DaedalusV View Post
Thanks for the reply. This new bolster system... It would be nice for us to know a few details about it, so if you or someone else in the know would clarify further on the following points, I would be much obliged.

1) Does the new bolster system take into account level disparity between character level and gear level

2) Does the new bolster system take into account the quality of the gear you wear (will purples be better than greens?)

I see no harm in revealing those things to us now instead of when 2.0 hits live.
Found your reply in another thread;

I'm afraid that your bolster system will fail at doing it's job due to the disparity presently seen in what people can wear in the 30-54 bracket.

pre- 50, people are limited to PvE gear that closely follows levels, but any and all people who presently sit at max level have a plethora of options...
1) People have present end-game PvE gear min-maxed (will the bolster system handle them by decreasing main stat and endurance and increase expertise?? What about armour ratings?)
2) Present end-game PvP gear, how will the bolster system work there? What about the min-maxed people who haven't bought the expansion?

I'm very confused as to why exactly you're doing a 30-54 bracket instead of keeping the old 10-49 one and create a 50-54 one and a 55 one. You see the need for 3 brackets, why make the balancing act so difficult for yourselves by doing the very arbitrary split of 10-29/30-54/55??
A main reason the current lowbie bracket works is the fact alot of the advanced classes have a VERY useful capstone ability (e.g. guardian leap/intercede) Putting level 30-49 people up against 50+ people is inherently flawed due to how useful a 50+ char is compared to a guy under level 50.
I don't think you are correct. It is going to look at your gear and then boost it up to level 55 blue. Level 50 purple augmented blah blah blah will be no better or worse than 30 green crap. It will all be 55 blue. They have effectively made 10-54 pvp all about skill.

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02.23.2013 , 02:17 PM | #53
This it utterly ridiculous.

First of all, the Pre-50 bracket worked fine! What we SHOULD be seeing is a 10-49 / 50-54 / 55 division of brackets.

Second of all, this is going to hurt a lot of people's play styles: For instance, when my guild mates get bored of the level 50 grind, we hop on our pre-50 characters for a bit of fun together. Problem? The level discrepancy that occurs because we level at different rates means now we can't do that together.

Third, because they're effectively cutting an entire bracket in half, the earlier bracket will be DEAD. People won't be able to PvP much or at all until they hit thirty because of a LACK OF OTHER PLAYERS IN THAT LEVEL, after which point they'll be pitted up to as high as level 54s? Which, as has been discussed, will include a fair share of people wearing the pre-existing PvP gear.
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02.23.2013 , 02:21 PM | #54
Think about all the lvl 29 ptech twinks there will be haha.

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02.23.2013 , 04:52 PM | #55
Quote: Originally Posted by MadBernieSkills View Post
I don't think you are correct. It is going to look at your gear and then boost it up to level 55 blue. Level 50 purple augmented blah blah blah will be no better or worse than 30 green crap. It will all be 55 blue. They have effectively made 10-54 pvp all about skill.
Official post I quoted states that bolster will take into account individual gear pieces. I'm curious about how the system will weigh things and how it will be able to balance things out.

this new bracket not only has a huge disparity in skills and talent point pool, it also has a huge gear disparity it needs to deal with to make pvp enjoyable. Not balanced. Just enjoyable...
Not asking for the moon tbh.
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02.23.2013 , 05:30 PM | #56
The main problem here is not gear, assuming bolster works as intended (for example, boosts everyone up to 21khp and 1500 expertise). It is seasoned level 50 PVPers who have played thousands of games going up against fresh 30s who do not have all their abilities. I know of many people in my PVP guild such as myself who would just roflstomp level 30s... it would not even be fun.

My suggestion would be to temporarily have a 50-54 bracket for say about 1 month, to give the hardcore PVPers time to PVP amongst themselves to get to 55. After a month you can switch it to 30-54.

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02.23.2013 , 06:17 PM | #57
Quote: Originally Posted by MrSIlverSurfing View Post
Bah I think it means Tuesday maintenance. Boo!

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02.23.2013 , 07:21 PM | #58
I think the level 50s will be gimped against level 51-54s.
Remember that the new (cool) skills can be trained at level 51.
These should either have been only trainable at 55 or the top bracket should be 51-55.

Then also remember that the level 50s will no longer have max skills.
ex: TD for my Merc now requires 36 points instead of 31.
That only leave 5 points to benefit from cross tree skills.

Except for the min/maxed gear that EA/BW claims will be bolstered out,
current level 50s will be more like current level 45s in 2.0
Many people who do not buy the expansion will probably end up quitting after a short time.

If I could pick the brackets I'd choose 10-34, 35-50 and 51-55.
Then you let people start buying level 55 gear at level 51.
The bolster system would help the 4 levels compete with 55s as they gear up.
EA/BW: Please FIRE all who worked on PVP for incompetence. Thx.
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02.24.2013 , 12:31 AM | #59
Bernie....seriously dude ***. What evidence do you have that 30s will be equal to augmented elite wh 54s? I mean seriously!

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02.24.2013 , 12:46 AM | #60
Quote: Originally Posted by DaedalusV View Post
Are they really for seriousing us??

leveling through PvP won't be enjoyable... At all...
at least until every single current lvl 50 PvP'er get all their min/maxed WH/EWH toons to the 55 bracket.
Oh and I predict massive QQ at premades since the impact they have will increase by a truckload.

Right now you only have to worry about badly geared weekend warrior puggers, in 2.0 there will be lvl 30s soloqueueing who will get in games with veteran premades geared to the nines.

BTW I really hope BW makes endgame PvP gear purchaseable pre-50 if those brackets will be implemented. AT LEAST let lowbies start getting their WH gear sorted.

So what you are saying is, PvP is returning to what it was at release when people left in droves?