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Leaving Early

TonyDragonflame's Avatar

02.23.2013 , 03:10 AM | #11
If you are geared in recruit, it seems:

1. You are f2p noob
2. You are pvp noob

- summary, you are bad and will be suck on wz. Good players dont wanna suck together with you.

Other side, if you are good pvp player, you must:

1. Send your alt through legacy full wh/ewh min/max augged gear (I make so for my alts)
2. When you ding 50 lvl, you must have 4500 ranked and 2750 regular wz comms - cuz since 30 level you must leveling on wz - (I make so for my alts) - if you are dont have alts, you can buy full wh at least and augment it.