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Combat/carnage pvp info needed

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Combat/carnage pvp info needed

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02.22.2013 , 05:59 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by SinnedWill View Post
You can improve the 2nd rotation by: throwing in force scream after your 4th massacre (you'll have a 0.5s window to get the 100% armor penetration + crit chance). Then you can spam massacre 2 final times, pop frenzy (if it's not on cooldown), then battering assault, pop berserk (or bloodthirst, depending on the situation) and massacre spam again until gore cooldown has returned - once it has, you can gore + ravage your target without much likelihood that they'll still have any stuns or knockbacks to prevent it.

The first rotation is best if and only if your target cannot interrupt your ravage via knockback/stun/accuracy debuff - so keep aware of when they have used their counter abilities so that you can catch them while they're on cooldown - OR... wait until you have full resolve before you gore+ravage. Also, ravage doesn't cause any GCD (just like every other channeled or activation timer ability, so you can even instantly interrupt it yourself to use another ability), but they ARE correct that you should always ravage prior to force scream (instead of vice versa, since you're less likely to get the final tick of damage -the one that matters- from ravage off while you still have gore proc by using scream before ravage - part of this is due to the fact that you might need to reposition before you can ravage and even if you didn't, sometimes the lag delay between an instant ability's GCD and ravage beginning can take longer than 1.5s due to lag).

Now, back to your plant to respec to carny so as to gear up: DON'T. Carny is rediculously focus-fired - mostly due to the fact that they cause roots, so when people can't kite you or can't even move to approach their intended target, they pretty much have to target you more often. Carnage/Combat also get focus-fired a LOT due to the fact that they can:
a.) Pretty much melt any target if permitted to get a Gore-procced ravage run full-cycle and
b.) Berserk + massacre spam is THE BEST method to pressure healers due to the 1s GCD (main-hand attack damage + off-hand attack damage + ataru form damage) so that's 3 seperate attacks registering every second - which makes it almost impossible for any healer to use activated heals provided that you're also using interrupts. Albeit, Massacre's damage certainly has a long delay before all of it registers - I can't tell you how many times I've died to someone using an ability (not DoT, actual direct-damage ability that doesn't have such a delay) only to have that target die from massacre or ataru form damage ~ 1.5s later - it is quite annoying.

Also, carnage/combat is INCREDIBLY squishy compared to the other specs. It is much easier to survive for longer periods of time as Annihilation/Watchman or Rage/Focus since carnage almost always uses force camo offensively - ours breaks roots/snares, so we can regain position due to our spec posessing the least efficient gap-closing - anni/watch get 3s CD reduction and no restriction on charge's range within 10m, rage/focus get obliterate - anni/watch tend to use camo after they've thrown full stacks of DoT's on a target so that they can regain health without the possiblity of taking damage for its duration and rage/focus tends to use it to escape so that their shockwave stack-building abilities can reset - rage/focus also gets the 30s CD reduction on undying rage and more damage reduction.

I grinned/bared the gear-grind as Carnage marauder, but I really don't reccomend it. I started lv. 50 pvp with BM chest/relic, WH relic/ear and everything else recruit.... yeah, safe to say that the only way you ever get full stacks of fury is by popping the frenzy cooldown since you're not likely to survive long enough to gain it through combat until you're ~ 2/3 battlemaster geared.
All of this is really nice info. My first char was a mara and I pretty much deleted her because i was frustrated by the limited survivabilty of the carnage spec. And yea yea I know, we have our ccs and escape methods as well as pressure points but still, medium armor sets are a drag to deal with, especially when everyone on the enemy team that has a clue targets you even if he/she is close to dying from a teamate. It ridiculous! I actually operate almost as a tank in -50 warzones with all the fire im under.

I love the skill tree though, extremely vicious and a nightmare to the ones who don't know how defend themselves from it.

Do you have any more pointers on how to survive longer as a carnage marauder in warzones?