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2.0 changes and Talent tree


Roastmouse's Avatar

02.22.2013 , 08:26 AM | #11
Just duelled proxxii for a good 2 hours on the PTS. It was incredibly fun, very dynamic duels, lots of clutch moves and counters. Dual saber throw comes in extremely useful, especially when he rolls away after I jump to him. At level 55 in EWH gear I have about 22.7k HP. Smash is critting for 6k, vicious throw 6k, dual saber throw 4k. Getting hit by ambush and takedown for 5-6k too. As carnage spec its hard to look out for the slaughter buff, probably worth putting gore and vicious throw on a separate toolbar and making it 200% size or something just to track the proc. Bit concerned about false proccing as it only procs once every 20 sec.