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NRN Recruiting!

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02.21.2013 , 04:56 PM | #1
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The NRN is a gaming club founded in 1996 in preperation for the game Xwing vs Tie Fighter. Growing over the years NRN now plays multiple games of many genres, but NRN is a Star Wars Guild at heart.


We're currently rebuilding our SWTOR division, at the moment it's open to players of every level and class.
Right now I'd say we're a casual guild playing some warzones or leveling alts or both. ^^

Sadly many level 50 players don't play the game anymore that's why we don't raid or anything, it may change again in the future if there are enough players tho.


We have an open recruitment policy which means everybody's welcome as long as he follows our Code of Conduct and agrees with a military based hierachy.

That's about it, maybe a short history: NRN has won the Xwing Alliance Week of War event 22 times and also was successful in Jedi Academy etc. Some of our players used to play SWG.


If you're interested feel free to signup at or just pst Telanus, Dext on the Republic side or Hwk on the imperial side for more information. ----------------------------------------

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