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First Time Tanking With A Jedi Knight Guardian

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First Time Tanking With A Jedi Knight Guardian

GibthBaswi's Avatar

02.17.2013 , 10:34 AM | #1
So i have just started a jedi knight guardian and want to do tanking with him, which i have never done before. just wandering if some people might be able to give me some advice on first time tanking at low levels, please no SA's on tanking


Strainge's Avatar

02.19.2013 , 01:30 AM | #3
I have a level 50 guardian tank. Early on, since you don't have a ton of abilities for tanking, is to just be aware. I know that sounds simple, but your first instinct is going to be on damaging enemies, which isn't that important for you. Since you don't get an aoe taunt until level 28-ish, I would open with a force leap to the strongest then immediately taunt the 2nd strongest then go right back to building threat on the strongest. Also, remember to make use of freezing force and awe to slow down the mob if they break for the healer. Always glance at group members health and if they're taking a beating then put your guard on them before trying to pull enemies off of them. Don't be shy to tell groupmates how they should be attacking if they keep pulling on enemies that you don't have threat built up on yet. As far as your defensive cooldowns, don't be scared to use them when even remotely needed, fearing you may need them more down the line, except on boss fights saving them for specific phases. There's a lot more to it, this is just a good starter. As you level you'll learn through experience and be ready for the tough stuff at level 50. Good luck to you.

Petnil's Avatar

02.19.2013 , 11:13 AM | #4
usually i just use my smash in the group of mobs and then when iŽmm sure no mob is attacking healer iŽll taunt the big elite that the noob dps probably is busy killing.

Main thing is make sure no mob is attacking the healer.

After having made sure noone is attacking healer you can use your taunt on whatever the dps is attacking. Playing with friends and wih voice chat will ofc make a huge difference. In a pug you can be fairly sure most of the dps only fokus on killing the big elite. You will then need to pick up all the trash and after that maybe worry about saving dps.

In a good group the dps will nuke the trash and you will only have to tank elites and some strongs.

Tip: Add the good dps (the dps that kills things in the right order and dont brake cc and let you pull) to your friendlist and ask them to do more FP when you see them online. Good dps is harder to find than good healers.